World Monitor Magazine WM_KIOGE 2018_Web - Page 58

Science Most land-based ecosystems worldwide risk 'major transformation' due to climate change Without dramatic reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, most of the planet's land-based ecosystems – from its forests and grasslands to the deserts and tundra – are at high risk of 'major transformation' due to climate change. Source: University of Michigan 'Archived' heat has reached deep into the Arctic interior, researchers say Heat currently trapped below the surface has the potential to melt the Arctic region's entire sea-ice pack if it reaches the surface, according to researchers. Arctic sea ice isn't just threatened by the melting of ice around its edges, a new study has found: Warmer water that originated hundreds of miles away has penetrated deep into the interior of the Arctic. Source: Yale University 'Rosehip' neurons not found in rodents, may be involved in fine-level control between regions of the human brain This is a digital reconstruction of a rosehip neuron in the human brain. Credit: Tamas Lab, University of Szeged Scientists have uncovered a new type of human brain cell that has never been seen in mice and other well-studied laboratory animals. Source: Allen Institute 56 world monitor