World Monitor Magazine WM_KIOGE 2018_Web - Page 51

SPORT In conclusion, 20 minutes per day of the EMS fitness will guarantee you a good shape, weight loss, fat burning and muscle building – all the reward of traditional fitness routines. Moreover, you will have a choice of two types of training – power training (sit-ups, exercising with dumbbells, abdominal muscles exercise, etc.) or cardio (running track, exercise bike). This means that the training plan won’t become boring after the first week of exercising. To answer the question about the safety of electricity for a person’s body, this technology’s history of invention came along to provide electrostimulation. This need to move a per- son’s muscles first originated in medicine, which is the kind of assistance required for patients who couldn’t move their arms or legs for some reason, so this was provided to sustain muscle tone and function. Further development brought this invention into the fitness industry, modernizing it and using it to increase training efficiency. As a result, EMS training has become the most popular direc- tion now when the issue of time management is a very chal- lenging obstacle and doesn’t always allow for sports. There is not much left, but make a step towards getting used to the tingling sensation provided from the electric current during training. 2. Daily Activity This is the commonly held belief and long-held truth that our body is made for motion: arms, legs, joints, skeleton struc- ture – through millions of years of evolution developed so we could be able to move. Therefore, we need to use this ability. If you have the choice to walk or use transport, choose the first option. If you really need transport, then choose a bicycle. Exclude the elevator from your life. Walk more often. Do not forget about household chores either – cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. The world has gradu- ally become too efficient, using scientific and technical benefits, dividing their application between necessity and laziness. 3. Compromise in Nutrition If you think we will skip fast food in this section, you are wrong. There are only three components that are truly necessary for our body: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are required to build muscles, fats are vital sub- stances, and carbohydrates provide important energy ex- change. Carbohydrates require special attention, since a surplus of carbohydrates add all the ‘extra’ that we see around our belly, hips, etc. The two main ingredients that ruin our diets are the very unnecessary carbohydrates pro- vided in white flour and sugar. Exclude these two enemies of nutrition from your diet, and you will notice positive re- sults right away. To avoid their sometimes painful absence from your diet, you can let yourself eat these forbidden goodies just one or two times a week. supported by EUROBAK 49