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SPORT Three solutions for those who do not have time for fitness All the advice from fitness coaches, various training programs, motivating slogans from the advertisement billboards – all of this evaporates in the face of today’s reality: ‘no time for the gym’. Unfortunately, these effects of our modern lifestyle – overweight bodies hidden under oversized clothes, health problems, unhealthy eating habits – become invisible in this constant race to succeed: work, family, personal life, self-development, studies, traffic jams – there seems to be no place for fitness in all of that. However, the World Class Almaty fitness instructors offer these three suggestions to overcome the modern obstacles to the daily grind. 48 world monitor 1. The EMS Fitness EMS – electrical muscle stimulation: a workout using equip- ment that contracts muscles with the help of electrical im- pulses. To become familiar with the working principle of this technical fitness-wonder you don’t have to graduate with a degree in physical education. Everything is as simple as this: the point in any physical exercise is to contract any muscle to the max. It will then grow and fat will burn. To achieve the optimal contractions, you just need to implement the exact number of repetitions and the correct technique. The EMS method allows you to experience the effect from maximum contraction immediately without multiple repetitions under the influence of electric impulses. Consequently, this fitness regime requires three times less time than a regular hour at the gym.