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SPORT Denis Ten, a world-class figure skater, attained a strong reputation performing and competing in singles as an Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winning abronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics, asilver medal atthe 2013 World Figure Skating Championships, a bronze medal atthe 2015 World Championship, 2015 champion of champions on four continents, champion of the VII Winter Asian Games, multiple winner of various international tournaments under the auspices of the ISU, and five-time champion of Kazakhstan. The first and only athlete in the history of independent Kazakhstan, who won Olympicmedals (2014), as well as medaling in the World Championships (2013, 2015), the Continental Championship (2015), the Winter Universiade (2017), the Winter Asian Games (2011), and the Grand Prix in figure skating. Having won gold at the Grand Prix stage among juniors (2008), he became the first Kazakhstan figure skater to win the ISU tournament medal. One of the few male figure skaters who have successfully performed the rotation known as thebilman. Ten represented Kazakhstan at the 2010 Olympics, where he was the younge st participant (16 years) in the men's championship. The first single skater from Kazakhstan who managed to go to the final stage of the competition at the Olympics. Ten also had the honor of serving as the official ambassador in the Olympic campaign ‘Almaty 2022’. In2013 he produced the ice show, "Denis Ten and Friends", in which world famous figureskaters participated. According to the official information of the organizers, more than 500 tourists from abroad (mainly from Japan) came to the ice show every year to see this live show. 44 world monitor In addition to figure skating,Tenalso practiced other sports, including tennis, acrobatics, taekwondo, karate, swimming, and attended the school of dance and painting. He graduated from the 5th grade at the music school in piano class and sang in the choir. In 2002, the choir, in which Denis sang, won a silver medal at the choral Olympiad in Busan (Republic of Korea). But later, Ten had achoice to make: music or figure skating. Ten chose the second. In 2003, at the tournament "Crystal Horseshoe" he was noticed by Elena Buyanova (Vodorezova) and invited to Moscow. In 2010, he moved to Los Angeles to work with hishis new coach Frank Carroll. In May 2014, Ten graduated from the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism with a red diploma. He studied at the Business School of Kazakh-British Technical University, mastering the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in the Oil and Gas program. In addition to all of this, he was fond of photography. Tenhas fan clubs in Kazakhstan, Korea and Japan. In autumn 2015, on an official visit to Kazakhstan, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe referred to Denis Ten as a symbol of friendship between Japan and Kazakhstan. Interesting Facts: Ten’s winning of the silver medal in the 2013 World Championship caused a flurry of emotions in the world community because many believed that the athlete really earned gold. Denis was supported by such eminent sportsmen as Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, Todd Eldridge and others. American journalist Monica Friedlander wrote a petition requesting that a second gold medal be awarded to the Kazakhstani and having collected more than 1,000 signatures, which was sent as anappeal to the president of the International Skating Union, Ottavio Ciquante. Ten alsoparticipated in charity events. In 2011 he was an active participant in the project "Skating Friends Support Japan", helping victims after the March 2011 earthquake that hit Japan. In 2013, the athlete visited the SOS children's village in Astana and a boarding school in Almaty.