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Life style demand, in 1969, the work on construction of a new winery began. By the early 1970s, Campo Viejo wines were sold in almost every Spanish store and were included on the wine lists of almost all the bars in Spain. The year 1973 was marked by the beginning of wine delivery in special boxes, where the bottles were located in a horizontal position. This condition contributes to a longer preservation of the wine, because the cork remains in contact with the wine and the risk of premature oxidation is reduced. Due to this simple innovation, Campo Viejo became the first winery whose wines continue to age in the bottle until they are consumed. the world as real and expressive as the Barrels of American and French oak are used for aging of the Campo Viejo wines, and a wine of the fertile Rioja region. combination of these materials produce a The wines of Campo Viejo today are complex blend of multicomponent flavors the hallmark of the diversity of the to develop, with coconut, vanilla, spices and Rioja region. Grapes are grown in wood aromas. Despite the fact that the mountainous terrain, in the ideal climate winery has the most modern equipment, conditions. Tempranillo is considered traditional methods of production are the best grape sort in the region. These preferred. And although this approach grapes are present in the most iconic makes the process of creating wine much wines of Campo Viejo, which is the proof more painstaking, the result is completely of the brand's loyalty to the famous and justified – the wines of Campo Viejo are the most harmonious. traditional sort. Since the mid-1970s, Campo Viejo wines have been exported outside of Spain, and since the late 1970s, the wines began earning medals at various international exhibitions. The first award was a gold medal, received at the Vinexpo exhibition in 1978 for the Campo Viejo Gran Reserva. After this victory, the Rioja wines appeared on the world wine list. In the 1990s and 2000s, the owners of Campo Viejo emphasized the improvement of the quality and the introduction of the most 'green' production technologies to the winemaking process. Campo Viejo was one of the first Spanish wineries to receive the ISO 9000 quality certificate, which guarantees the highest level of production processes as well as ensuring its quality up to the moment of reaching the consumer. In 2012, Campo Viejo became the first winery in the world to receive the Carbon Neutral Certificate, which once again proves the winery's commitment of care for the environment and the preservation of the region's wealth. Campo Viejo believes in a world full of bright colors, expression and passion – supported by EUROBAK 41