World Monitor Magazine WM_KIOGE 2018_Web - Page 40

CULTURE Rock paintings of Kazakhstan. Petroglyphs of the Seven Rivers Tamgaly tas on the river Ili Petroglyphs on the banks of the Ili River, which were created in the first half of the 17th century, were developed in four stages. The history of the formation of the Tamgaly tas complex is closely connected with the era of the highest military and political might of the cultural heyday of the Dzungar Khanate, accompanied by the intensive spread of the Lamaist form of Buddhism among the West Mongolian tribes - Oirats. Tamgaly. Kopa Petroglyth In Tamgaly, there are about one hundred different monuments - settlements, cemeteries, altars and petroglyphs dating back to the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age, the Middle Ages and the New Age. Focused on a relatively small area, all together they form an archaeological complex, embodying the 7F'b6VBBFW&VW2b7Ff"F&VP֖VW6W0FRF66fW'bFW6RWG&vǗ22vV27BbFPFW"vVVG2b&6'Bb7Fv2&Pb&FW"V666FVBFFR&W7VBb66VFf2Ǘ60Bf&V67Bf&F&WBFRvW2v2&fFV@'FRvVv7B6'斲B"FR&6Vv6WVFFbFRVFvv67FGWFRVFW"FPVFW'6b'6Wb&GV6VBFRf'7BWG&vǗ06V&6FRW6W2VF2BW6fF2FP&vB&bFR&fW"7RषVF&7FRRbFRVF2( VF&7( V0( &FvRbFR6VW&FvR( 66RFRVF6&W6V&W0FR&G'VFr&FvRbFRvB6VWFbFRFP6&RbFR6WBFW2&VVB6FP&62bv6FW&RvW&R&WB2WG&vǗ2FRVF&PFW'&F'6VFrFR6vFWG&vǗ266R6V@FW2v27VBRvFv6VRFBBƗfR'W@&FW"f6FVBf"6W&VW'6W2शVV66WF0VVBFFRVVFF&WF'BBWw&FP6V6BbbFRd6VGW'6FVBFR'FV7FW&WG6'G2bFVVƒBFRWFbFRv&vRFR&vB&氦bFR&fW"6&( 2&vBG&'WF'bFR&fW"&F3v&BF