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EXPERT OPINION country. The certificate is issued for up to three months and can then be extended for the period of an employment contract (but for no longer than three years), after the foreigner finds a job directly in Kazakhstan. To encourage foreign investment, Kazakh- stan offers various exemptions from the requirement to obtain work permits for for- eign workers. Amongst others, such exemp- tions extend to: • Business immigrants arriving in Kazakh- stan to do business. • CEOs of local branch offices or represen- tative offices of foreign companies. • CEOs and deputy CEOs of local wholly foreign-owned companies. • CEOs of companies that have entered into agreements with the Government of Kazakhstan to invest more than US$50 million in the country, and CEOs of local companies running investment projects in key industries under agreements with local competent authorities. • Nationals of member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, regardless of their position or the duration of the em- ployment in Kazakhstan. • Managers and professionals with higher education working with either local com- panies that have entered into contracts to implement investment projects in priority areas or companies in the archi- tecture, city planning and construction industry contracted by such an investor, for a period until the end of the first year after the commissioning date of the proj- ect facility, or as qualified workers in ac- cordance with the list of occupations and employee numbers approved as part of investment contracts. • Employees of companies registered in one of Kazakhstan's eleven free economic zones (FEZ) to implement projects worth more than KZT 2.405 million (in 2018) or companies contracted by a FEZ resident, for the period of construction and instal- lation work in the FEZ and during the first year after the commissioning date of the project facility, in accordance with the list 30 world monitor of employee categories and numbers ad- opted by a competent authority. • Employees on business trips sent for a period of no more than 120 calendar days in total during one calendar year. workers in the country. There are a number of business communities in Kazakhstan that provide a platform for foreign investors to voice concerns about what they consider to be gaps in the legal framework or enforce- ment practices. Close cooperation between Kazakhstan's Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and major business associations has made it possible to substantially simplify the work permit procedure for foreign workers over the last few years. Improvements include shorter processing times, the abolition of guarantee deposits, the abolition of the requirement for employers to look for candidates in the domestic market first (the requirement is still in place for intra-company transfers but has been simplified), the limitation of spe- cial conditions to intra-company transfers for which no quotas or fees apply, the exten- sion of the validity of permits for CEOs and deputy CEOs to three years and the aboli- tion of permits for CEOs and deputy CEOs of local wholly foreign-owned companies. Permits are issued in the location where the foreign worker will be employed. The em- ployer is not required to maintain an office in that particular location. Permits are valid only for the foreign national for whom they have been issued and cannot be trans fW'&V@FFffW&VBVW"'WBFW&R&RЦ77VVBf"FW"f&Vvv&W"VWFpFR6RVƖf6F7&FW&66&FpFFR7W'&VB'VW2W&֗G2&RǒfƖ@FRF֖7G&FfRVBvW&RFWfP&VV77VVBf&Vvv&W'2&R6V@'W6W72G&F6W26FVBFW"F֖7G&FfRVG2f"W&Bb&RF6VF"F2FFGW&pR6VF"V"2vfW&VBvV6W26FVRF6ЦW&FRvFf&VvfW7F'2gW'FW"Ч&fVVG2'VW2f"FRVV@bf&Vvv&W'26VB&RWV7FVB'F7V"FW&R2vrF67W76F&WffWFR&f62FBvVBVЦW'2FWFVBv&W&֗G2FGv"&PF֖7G&FfRVG2b7F2vV2FRWFV6b&VVfG2f&Rf G&6G&6fW'2FFW"Ff60bFR6FFFFRvfW&ЦVBb7FFFVBFR֖w&FƖ766WBf"#r#6WFV&W #rVff'BFgW'FW"V6R֖w&ЧFV6626VFr&"֖w&F&VwVF2FR66WB2f7W6VBǗ62b&W7BFW&F&7F6W2FVVBFR7BVffV7FfRV660f"֖w&F&VwVFगB2'FBFFRFBFRvfW&V@b7F2VFFwVRvFf"ЦVvfW7F'2B67G'V7FfR&60f"&frFRVvg&Wv&6VBЦr'VW2f"FRVVBbf&VvU27FfRV&W"b"'W6W70766F2'F6FrFFfW20'Bbf&W2v&rw&W2FV6P7Fw2fW7FVB6ƖFRBG&fRG0V6֖2w&wF'&frFw2