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EXPERT OPINION system (EVMS) or comparable metrics. EVMS is valuable in reporting general progress and forecasting schedule and cost performance behavior of people outside the project team such as project owners, sponsors, etc. They do not solve project management issues and in some cases even create them, at the same time raising questions on project performance. Only after achieving Level 3 can an organization attempt Levels 4 and 5, which deal with continuous improvement. The last two levels offer tremendous benefits – especially if organizations achieve them before their competitors. Capital projects are complex undertakings with significant risks, often impacted by rising costs and schedule delays. Deloitte provides a wide variety of services designed to help clients deliver successful projects despite the risks. We enhance our clients’ ability to achieve their project goals by providing objective and independent advice, along with process improvement, opportunities built from experience and our knowledge of leading industry practices. Our Infrastructure and Capital Project offering covers the entire project life cycle and helps companies maximize their potential to deliver within 16 world monitor project constraints. Below are some of our competences. Strategy and planning Future market conditions will impact current business models and force companies to explore new investment alternatives to generate larger fre e cash flows. Successful business models are driven by a complex set of portfolio decisions at the business unit, program, project or individual asset levels. The array of portfolios can be filtered and disaggregated to review recommended investments with the highest returns and suggested start dates. Financing & procurement Deloitte services include raising project finance, establishing and managing the procurement process to acquire services, material or equipment to deliver a project, and prioritizing capital allocation between projects. These portfolio decisions focus on tradeoffs among competing priorities — from cost savings to growth and innovation to compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations. The hurdle many organizations must overcome is how to synthesize vast amounts of information into data- driven insights to assess the exposures, benefits and tradeoffs of different investment alternatives in order to make optimal business decisions and lead to optimal key performance metrics. Project execution and construction The Deloitte Portfolio Optimization approach is customized to meet exact business requirements by modeling the Client’s definition of value and incorporating business constraints and risk exposures. It is capable of presenting an array of optimal portfolios, which maximize defined value, considering a range of business constraints and risks. While assessing ongoing lifecycle costs and providing insights around optimiz- ing, we forecast the performance and value of assets in operation. We are developing and managing a pro- gram to deliver major capital projects. To ensure delivery confidence, we offer the development of project controls/ project management processes, project organizational structure, PM technology supporting and analytics. Our team ap- plies EVMS methodologies to give the client an objective and in-depth report of project performance. Operation and maintenance For more information please see or contact Marina Kostanian, Construction Consulting Partner, Deloitte Caspian Region