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DESTINATION KAZAKHSTAN The 25 anniversary th of the North Caspian Project The North Caspian Project is the first major project to develop offshore oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan. It consists of five deposits: Kashagan, Kalamkas-Sea, Kairan, Aktoty and South-West Kashagan. The giant Kashagan field is one of the largest oil fields discovered in the last four decades with its recoverable re- serves producing approximately 9-13 billion barrels (1-2 billion tons) of oil. The collector of the Kashagan offshore field is 80 km from the city of Atyrau at a depth of 3-4 meters under the water and more than 4 km (4,200 meters) be- low the sea floor. In 2016 for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, commercial production of oil began at the offshore field Kasha- gan. The Project Operator, North Cas- pian Operating Company NV (NCOC), completed an important project to re- place the pipelines ahead of schedule, and on September 28 reopened the first wells at the offshore complex. The President of the Republic of Ka- zakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev con- gratulated participants and veterans of the project on this event during his visit to Atyrau on December 7, 2016. The first one million tons of oil was ex- ported in early 2017, and by mid-2017 NCOC reached an actual production level of more than 200,000 barrels per day in compliance with security require- ments. Taking into account the scale and tech- nical difficulties, the North Caspian 10 world monitor project will be implemented in stages. December 1993 and the beginning The estimated costs of Phase 1 of the of seismic exploration in the Caspian development of Kashagan, within which Sea. commercial production began in 2016, are approximately $55 billion USD. Project features Main stages of the Project In 2017, NCOC and its shareholders celebrated the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Production Shar- ing Agreement for the Northern Cas- pian (SRPSK). On November 18, 1997 in Washing- ton, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Consortium of the world's lead- ing oil and gas companie 2w&VVBFRVv&62FBFFVBFRЧVVFFbFR&vW7B&V7@FR7F'bVrFWVFV@7FFRvFf&VvF&V7BfW7FVB5%4v2&W&VBFR&60bFRFV6V&W"2w&VVV@FR&vW7B"B6V6֖27W'fWFRBv2GW7G'F27F&07FvR66FW2vFFRfW'6'bFR&Vvrb&GV7F@6vv6v26VV'&FVB6WFV&W"#rख#FR'F67&V7@&2FR#WFfW'6'bFP7&VFbFRFW&F66"ЧFV$7F677"7FvRb6vFWfVV@27W'&VFǒRbFR&vW7B@7B6WGW7G'&V7G2FRv&BFrF66VBFP6WFW2FRfVBbGW2ЧG&6fWGFW6vBv7F726&FvF6WfW&RVf&ЦVF6FF2B6VFR&V7Bw2v&ffW26fpVVRB6WFV66F60B6&FFrFRFVƗfW'72ЧFV'6Vf&VF6FЧF2B6VvW&RFR"FVW&ЧGW&R6f&Vr3 +2vFW B&6RFC +27VW"GVRFFRrWfVb֖W&ƗЧF6W6VB'FRfrbg&W6vFW"g&FRfv6&ЧFvF6r2BWFW'2@7V&&7F26ƖFRFR'FW&62Ч26fW&VBvF6Rf"&W@ffRF2V"6R'&V2@FRf&FbgW'&w2g&FPfVVBb6RFR6Vf &W&W6VB6W&W2Ɩ֗FF2f 67G'V7F&GV7FW&F0Bv7F72v6&WV&RFRW6PbfFfRFV666WF2