World Monitor Magazine WM_Energy 2017 - Page 79

Friends, we are waiting for you at the 5th Annual Kazakhstan HR Forum "Innovation in HR – Ideas, Creativity, and Mobility"! Друзья, мы ждем Вас на V ежегодном казахстанском HR-форуме «Инновации в HR – идеи, творчество, мобильность»! Organizer: Kommesk-Omir Insurance Company Date: October 20, 2017 Location: Ritz-Carlton Almaty Hotel Организатор: Страховая компания «Коммеск- Өмір» Дата: 20 октября 2017 года Место: отель Ritz-Carlton Almaty We will discuss: • Incentive. Did you hear? We will tell you how to make motivation unique for an employee and useful for a company. • We will try to dispel myths about HR. Is HR manager an attempt to follow the fashion or a business need? Is HR management an exclusively female profession? Do HR specialists work in the current situation? And can they foresee "fire" situations? Is the role of HR department in the company's activity greatly exaggerated? • H2H – human to human – is when the work with personnel acquires features of the service. We will devote a panel discussion to this topic. • Traditionally, main tasks of HR service are recruitment, adaptation, training, motivation, and retention of employees. But will it be forever like this? • HR-tech: expectation and reality. Do technologies attack and win? However, are companies ready to spend money on new tools and technologies? Let us learn the answers from the forum speakers. Registration: Мы обсудим: • Incentive. Слышали? Мы расскажем, как сделать мотива- цию уникальной для сотрудника и полезной для компании. • Мы попробуем раз -tc`c4/4.4a4b4/,Ht/4-t/t-t-4--t`8$4ct`/4-4,4/tc4/4/-4-H4.4..4//``4-t,t/t/`t`c,t.4-/t-t`t,4(/`4,4,.-t/t.4-H4/-t`4`t//t,4.//8$4.4` B`-t.c4/t/4--t/t`t.,4c4/`4/a4-t`t`t.4c4`4,4,t/`,4-t`4,4`-KB.`bt-t.H4`t.4``,4a.4.4.4/t-H4/4/--t`4/`4-t-4,.4-4-t`c0//B-,4`4/tbap4`t.4``,4a.4.O4(4/.c4,4-.4-/t.4.//4/,4/t.4.`t.4.c4/t/4/`4-t`,-t..4a-t/t,¸( 8$[X[[X[8$4ct`/4./,-4,4`4,4,t/`,4`B/-t`4`t//t,4.//4/`4.4/,t`4-t`,4-t`4a-t`4`b4`t-t`4,.4`t, 4+t`/.B`-t/4-H4/4b4//`t,c`.4/4/,4/t-t.c4/t`c4-4.4`t.``t`t.4c(4(`4,4-4.4a.4//t/t/4/`t/t/,/tb/4.4-,4-4,4a,4/4.t`t.`-,tb´c,.cc``tc4`4-t.`4``.4/t,4,4-4,4/`,4a.4c4/,t`a-t/t.4-K4/4/B`.4,,4a.4c4.4`-4-t`4-,4/t.4-H4`t/``4`-4/t.4./,4't/4,t`-4-t`4..`,4.4,`t-t,-4,¸(]X4/-.4-4,4/t.4-H4.4`4-t,4.c4/t/`t`c 4(-tat/t/./,.4./t,4`t``/,4c`4.4//,t-t--4,4c`4't/4/t,4`t./.c4./4.//4/, B/t.4.4,/`/,b4``4,4`.4`c4`tc4/t,4/t/,b-H4.4/t`t``4`/4-t/t`b4.`-tat/t/./,.4.4(-/t,4-t/4/`,-t`b4`4`t/.4.-t`4/,4a4/`4`/4, (4-t,.4`t``4,4a.4cΈܝ[K[Y\˚ދ