World Monitor Magazine WM_Energy 2017 - Page 63

Haronitaki created the portrait of Louise Bourgeois presenting it as a tiger. This picture is immediately Cult. The Russian TEKNIKART Art Magazine hosts it as cover and it sold 600,000 copies. Haronitaki became the Ambassador at Large of the number one selling world champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, organizing a unique show at “Palais de Tokyo” in Paris with 800 VIP guests. In 2012, Haronitaki received the anointing of the Knight of Champagne between Prince Albert de Monaco, Ornella Muti, Patrick Bruel, Jean Claude Brialy, Lie Nothomb . In 2010 on the occasion of his participation in the Moscow Biennale in GARAGE, he was the main character of the documentary, 52 min, (production of M6 France & Russia art TV channel) called "Οligarchs, Art & Dollars", which has passed many times in French and Russian television and very recently in French LCP / Public Senate ( 28 April, 2015). In 2016 exhibited at «On the origin of Art» in MONA museum in Australia. Enthronement of Aspassio Haronitaki as « Chevalier » Palais du Tau, Reims, France "Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne » Between Prince Albert de Monaco, Ornella Muti, Patrick Bruel Jean Claude Brialy, lie Nothomb... Aspassio Haronikaki’s first works developed the idea of combining human beings and animals. In his large photographs, one can hardly distinguish whether the features, plasticity, and frame of the beings have been appropriated from the human, or from the animal kingdom. These worrying compositions have something in commo ][ZX[XY\ˈ][]H[YB[\[][^][ۈYY]Z[]H[X[]KX[ۜ[HY]HX[]Hو\[]X[]Y\œX\\[YY8$]X[]Y\XHY\ˆY\\[p0[Z\H[\\œ\ܝYHUTАR