World Monitor Magazine WM_Energy 2017 - Page 42

EXPERT OPINION our students can achieve at the highest level and be recognized for what they can bring academically to world-class universities in a diverse range of future careers and society at large. I am personally committed to ensuring that students at Haileybury Almaty develop the language skills to enable them to achieve academically and fulfill their potential at world- class universities. It is particularly important to me that each child develops holistically in order to grow and develop as a well-rounded individual equipped to play an active and responsible role in an ever-changing global economy and society. My career in education has involved me in national curriculum developments such as in A’level with Cambridge and the London Institute of Education. My international experience in the independent and the maintained sectors of education enables me to bring a deep understanding of how pupils learn and the curricula which will enable them to achieve at the highest levels. I embrace the language and cultural backgrounds of where students study and live in order to give each student a strong identity whether as a Kazakh or expatriate pupil. Ms. Oldfield graduated from the University of London, where she studied history. She holds a Professional Diploma from the National College for Teaching and Leadership, UK Equally, this important appointment happened at Haileybury Astana. 40 world monitor Starting from August 2017, Mr. Jonathan Ullmer took over as Haileybury Astana Head, succeeding Headmaster and former Chairman of Governors, Mr. Alister Bartholomew. Mr Ullmer’s most recent appointments have been at CATS Cambridge and then CATS Canterbury, located in the traditional city of Cantebury in the County of Kent, UK. Jonathan joined Haileybury Astana following over 30 years of experience in UK schools. He was the founding Education Director for Cambridge Education Group, and in the recent inspection, his former school was graded as excellent in every single area. Mr Ullmer has won top awards from the UK Times for educational work and Awards of Excellence from the Independent Schools Association and has worked on projects with the British Government in Education. He holds degrees from both the UK and North America. In 2014 Jonathan was made a member of the order of the British Empire (MBE) by the Queen for services to education. Such an experienced head as the newly appointed Mr. Ullmer is a great value for Haileybury Astana, where they are this year starting the IB Programme. Mr. Ullmer, what differentiates Haileybury Astana from other schools? Haileybury Astana is a special place. As an IB world school following a UK curriculum, we offer an unrivalled pathway to top universities in the UK, US and globally, as well as a real chance for your children to grow up as fluent English speakers ready Jonathan Ullmer, Headmaster of Haileybury Astana to face the world of the future. We give your children opportunities to have the best of UK education in Astana with largely British staff in the classroom supported by highly qualified local professionals who speak English, Kazakh and Russian. Haileybury Astana is a modern school with links to the world famous Haileybury UK, which has sent students from Kazakhstan to top universities all over the world including Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London. Haileybury UK was founded in 1862, and we have a strong vision for excellence in a school that cares very much about every single child. . All the children at Haileybury take part in co-curricular activities as we enthuse them with a wide range of leadership awards, sports and performing arts in our excellent facilities. As your child grows up with us, these activities form a vital part of the university application process where students show they have wide experience and leadership ability as well as strong academic results. We welcome you to join us on this exciting adventure together, as we support and help your child grow into a leader of tomorrow.