World Monitor Magazine WM_Energy 2017 - Page 40

EXPERT OPINION Haileybury: 10 years of high- quality British education system in Kazakhstan The Haileybury name is synonymous with high-quality British Education in Kazakhstan. Haileybury Almaty received high accreditation points from an independent inspection ISI and continues raising the standards and access to the world teaching resources. 2017 is an important and unique milestone for Haileybury as for the first time ever all three schools – Haileybury UK, Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana have appointed new heads. This will be followed in 2018 with Haileybury Almaty commemorating its 10 th anniversary. Mr. Martin Collier succeeded Mr. Joe Davis, Haileybury’s previous Headmaster, who retired after many happy and successful years. Haileybury UK is the one of the UK’s top highest achieving co-ed boarding schools for the IB Diploma, A Level and GCSE. Mr Collier, why do parents choose Haileybury? Martin Collier, Headmaster of Haileybury UK A Haileybury education is open-minded and forward-looking. It is based on a rich heritage and provides our pupils with a moral compass, and prepares them for the very best universities and for life as successful global citizens. In August 2017, Ms. Lynne Oldfield succeeded Mr. Craig Halsall as a Headmistress of Haileybury Almaty. She has extensive experience in international schools, and before joining Haileybury Almaty, she worked at Harrow International Beijing, China for four years. Ms. Oldfield led strategic developments in the school, including greater academic excellence through new developments in teaching and learning. She will help Haileybury Almaty to 38 world monitor Lynne Oldfield, Headmistress of Haileybury Almaty move to another level. Lynne believes that the main goal of the school is to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential and opportunity to gain a place at world class universities. Ms. Oldfield, what are the competitive advantages of Haileybury Almaty? Haileybury Almaty is about to start on the next stage of its journey to be recognized as one of the top international schools in the region and beyond. We are becoming a centre for excellence, ensuring students have the language skills to be fluent in both Kazakh and English. We believe that