World Monitor Magazine WM_Energy 2017 - Page 23

Invest to kazakhstan thanks to the requirements imposed on the issuer by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. About 40 thousand Kazakhstanis are the owners of these shares, and we are meeting their expectations – the aggregate profitability they receive from investments is growing. KEGOC has already paid out dividends four times over this period. In addition, the value of shares increased more than 2.5 times. This is a significant increase for those investors who invested in our shares. Finally, the third development is business transformation. As part of fulfilling the task set by the Head of State to make Kazakhstan one of the top-30 developed countries, as well as Samruk-Kazyna’s initiatives to transform its subsidiaries into high-tech and efficient business structures, KEGOC continues to implement the Business Transformation Program. At present, the company has already implemented three of the four stages (steps) of the program and has started the implementation of the last, decisive stage in which all initiatives generated at the early stages of the program will be put into practice. In the previous stages, the company optimized its business processes, introduced a new organizational structure, developed a new system for evaluating the company’s activities, and formed a culture of continuous improvement. The company started implementing the Project Portfolio. In total portfolio includes 23 projects, three of which are local (run by business), and 20 projects provide for the implementation and automation of targeted business processes. The company’s management approved the Steering Committee; CEO- 1 project sponsors, project and functional teams. This year we have launched all portfolio projects, developed the project charters, implementation and resource plans. In the near future we will engage in the process the project consultants. exception to that. The country's strategic goals are to reduce the energy intensity of the country’s GDP by at least 25 per cent by 2020 and by no less than 50 per cent by 2050 (in relation to 2008). Development of the renewable energy sources (RES) has become a major step for the generation sector. The solar and wind power technologies are getting cheaper each year and thus spreading faster across the industry. Kazakhstan is also moving along this path. In general, the company expects that these projects will support the stability of the company, enable it to promptly respond to possible changes in internal and external environment, and will help to untap professional and personal potential of the employees. The second area is the intellectualization of the electric power industry. In what areas will the power industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan develop in the long term? What does 'modernization' of Kazakhstan's power system mean? The study of international experience and development proce \[H[XX\[\H[YY[YHXYX˜\X\܈][Y[وHؘ[[XX\[\H[Hۙ\KXܙ[K\H\X\[H[][܈Hۙ]\B][Y[وH\[\B[^Z[\K]\H][Y[و[]XH[\K[ܙX\B[YXY[HوX[ۈ[ۜ[\[ۈو[XX]KH[\ܛ\Y[[YH[ܙH\Yۂ[\ۛY[[[[\HYXY[B\Y\[^Z[\•H[]][ۈ܂[[XX[^][ۈوH[XXœ\[\H[\HBYۚYX[[\[Y]H[HXۛ^K[Y[[[ۙ›\H[X\ۜ[Y܈H[\H[\NKHۜ[Hܛ[œ\]Z\[Y[܈[XX[]H[]X[]Hو[XX]H\HBۜ[Y\˂H\X][ۈوB[XX\\[\K][Y[و\X]Y[\][ۋ[\HوT˂[Y][ۋYHH\X]Y[\H[]UXY\Bۜ[Y\[^H[[ܙX\[B[\ܝ[HHX][B[\X[]H][]Y\[\[HX\]Yۘ[Y\Z\ۜ[\[ۈ[[\][ۂHZ\ZXܛ[\][ۂX[]Y\[ܘYH\[\˂[\ܙHX\Hق[XX\\[\\XYB[ܙX\[H\X]Y YHœ\ܝYHUTАRŒ