World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 89

ART and told them honestly that I do not understand this. Now I conducted a social survey among young people: What did teachers promise you when you entered the theatre and ceased to be an applicant? Enrollee comes to the theatre for a beautiful illusion – to become an artist. But very often our hands get dirty from our crawling around the stage during all the preparations. But, the audience gets to see the final result, and thank God that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It seems to me that it’s a crime if a teacher doesn’t explain a theater student that this is a penniless profession. However, this is true: “Nothing sought, nothing gained”. Your professionalism will be demonstrated in whether you will be able to become an actor or director who can earn money. But, you will never sleep or have free weekends or holidays. This must all be explained on the very first day, without pathos, attitudes, as a real-life example from your own journey. Of course, I give life to children, because I love them, and being a woman I want to have children. But I have no time to be with them. I change husbands because men cannot stand this rhythm. Or, they also become mad like me, and that starts to disturb me. Are you ready for this scenario? Like in fairy tales: offer them a way (“If you go to the left…”). I think, Oleg Tabakov teaches his actors about this, judging by their success, by the fact that they have their own theatres, and they toil like galley slaves. Yevgeny Mironov, for example, works very hard – his media life does not reflect the true essence of things at all. When you decide to work in theatre, perhaps, a team of like-minded people is gathering around you – it’s very cool. It is great when we are thinking in different ways but can still unite. It is wonderful, being theatrical figures and supported by EUROBAK 83