World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 84

ART The Snow Maiden and the Golden Mask Last year, at the Old House Theater, Novosibirsk, Galina Pyanova staged the performance The Snow Maiden. This year, the performance won the Golden Mask award. And what is the Golden Mask? This is the Oscar of the theatre world. To be honest, Galina and I are old friends these past 20 years. So I have the right to talk to Galina on first-name basis. For me, Galina is a very special person. I admire her talent as an actress, extol her gift as a director, and of course I cherish our friendship. Galina Pyanova, Director, ARTiShock theater Soulful conversation of love for theater, director’s mission, keenness for profession and process of work. Julie Kussidi: Dear friends, today we are visiting the theater ARTiShock, namely its director Galina Pyanova. This is the first independent theatre in Kazakhstan. 78 world monitor Today, we would like to talk with Galina about the work The Snow Maiden. How was the idea of this performance born? Galina Pyanova: The process takes time. This idea belongs not only to me, and its laurels are not only mine either. We share two categories of the Golden Mask with the Old House Theatre, the entire production group and the actors who participated in this challenging experiment. It was not easy for the theatre or for me as a person. The role of experimenter is very natural for me and important to me, but this is not the most convenient and easy position for a director. This is the choice of fate and a function of ARTiShock inclusively, often providing us opportunities to prove that we are ‘normal’. The Snow Maiden is the scheduled play in the Old House, approved repertoire. At the end of a season, the entire theatre team (director, the literary part of theater, managers, etc.) meet for discussion and make decisions for the theatre in the coming year. When the Old House wa 2rFP&WW'F&R6V6f"#R#bFRPb'7G&g6( 2FR6pFVV&VBBv2'FBF7FvPv&g&FR'W766766&WW'F&RFW&R2w&VBvW"FRFVG&RfW'FW7BW'6vFW2BƖP6ƖVG3RWfV&VfW22RWGFW'2FBw&FR'WBF2FW2B7F