World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 75

to Clients on board a yacht and superyacht, brought me to South of France to acquire the highest expertise. I’m fortunate to be able to speak 4 languages, Greek, French, Italian and English that are an important tool for this tourism field and negotiation with the Clients. Yacht charters are tailored to meet the lifestyle preferences and desires, offering the best in silver services and the highest quality facilities to the Client and his/hers Guests. Even the very best hotels in the world cannot deliver the level of personal service received on board a yacht. The entire sensory experience is more personal, more unique, more exciting and more dynamic. A yacht charter holiday allows for a five star flexible itinerary, provides a passport to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world including flexibility into each day. Crew provides safety and comfort, which are the top priorities; everything from navigation to chilled cocktails. Chef will tailor each day’s menu to Guest's tastes and dietary needs. All restrictions can be accommodated, including special menus like lactose or gluten free, special wines and any other indulgence. The Mediterranean is the popular cruising destination during summer with a high demand in Greece, the Balearics, Sardinia and Croatia. Remote and unspoiled destinations are becoming more accessible around the world and Clients have new exciting yachts to choose from. For Summer 2017, Greece seems to be the top destination. Picture Greece and imagine a country steeped in history and tradition, with stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, fresh and vibrant food, and cosmopolitan towns and cities and tiny villages alike. It is no surprise, therefore, that Greece is a must-do destination for superyachts and with thousands of islands and destinations in easy reach of the water, all with their own flavour and vibe, picking where to visit is the most enjoyable kind of challenge. Superyachts and the warm Mediterranean waters of Greece are truly a match made in heaven. With several island groups split over the Aegean and Ionian seas, two of the most popular cruising spots amongst visiting are the lush Ionian islands and the more classic Cyclades islands. Peppering the western coast of Greece, the twelve Ionian Islands are hugely varied. Corfu, the second-largest of the Ionian islands, has a rich history stretching back to Greece’s earliest years. Follow in the footsteps of Greek warriors, who would also have arrived on the island by boat and moor up in Corfu’s elegant Old Town, home to the island’s principal port and its two fortresses. The tiny island of Paxi is another beautiful choice, cloaked in lush olive groves and with an impressive number of stunning beaches on offer. Nearby, the uninhabited islet of Antipaxi, the smallest of the Ionian Islands, is another popular option for those after their own private stretch of beach. Other Ionian islands well worth a visit include Zakinthos, Meganisi, Lefkada and Kefalonia. The largest of the islands, Kefalonia \ۛۈ܈][^YXK^XXX\[YY[Y[BZH]HوY[\[K[X\[ݙ\ \[HXY\˜\H[]X\وXZ[[ܙYXK]XZ܈\[[Y[[][[[\^Zۛ\[ܚ[K[[Z[ˈZ[\[و\\\[XX[\K]H\[XYH[[\˜\HܚY[وH[[\]YHو[\‘HZ[ˈ][\]YH[\[\K^X]\[X\\]YH\]X\H[YHݙ\[\X[ و\H\‘ܙYXH[H\]H]]H\]H[[K\Xۚ\XH[X[X”[ܚ[H]]]]\Y\\˜[[YX][HH\[8&\Y˂[\\HH[ۜٙ\‘Y\\\[H\\XX[ܙYXHB܈[\[^\[ۘ[Y^B[XY[XHH\[ۘ]H[\BX]HXX\\\HX[XXXX[\]Y\]Z[[\ۜX[]HZ[YHۈX[^[ž[\X[HYHYK[p[YT[YZ“HQVPP\\ [\X[Y[Y[Y[X\وVPBY[X\وHVPHX\\YY]\[X[XZ\ۈ[Z]YBY[X\وHVPHX[[Z]YBY[X\وHܙYZXX[\X][ۂKXY^XX˘BB\ܝYHUTАR