World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 71

EXPERT OPINION Kazakhstan in the world community and, most importantly, we started talking in the right key and context. If you remember, the very first name of the organizing committee was – Kazakhstan Gateway. Rethinking our mission I can say that the forum is a tool for the country’s PR, through which Kazakhstan was recognized in the world community at the level of experts, world media, opinion leaders that have shaped the image of Kazakhstan abroad for 14 years. For this purpose, every year our team does a great job and the forum this year will not be an exception, rather EAMF will be held among the most important events at EXPO, with ideas for which we are solidarily promoting Kazakhstan abroad. What is the country’s PR and what is the role of the forum in this? How much are they capable of influencing the image of the country? EAMF is the most important media event within the Eurasian region. This is an open dialogue between the East and West. There are heated discussions and debates, polar opinions, the search for compromises, the discussion of the issues and the search for ways to solve them. Every year, about 100 international media and more than 500 delegates from 60 countries come to us. All these people connect with Kazakhstan because of the forum. Coming to their country, they broadcast what they experienced when they return to their own expert circle – this is the way the image is formed. Many did not know about the scale and pace of our country's growth before they were invited to the forum. We are all integrated by a single information field, which often shapes the fates of many countries, politicians and election campaigns. Now this has already become the norm, but 14 years ago many people did not even think about it. At this time, we have already started forming the information track of Kazakhstan in the expert community. Of course, the greatest achievement in this goes to Dariga Nazarbayeva – the ideological mastermind and chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee, whose initiative has now become the most important media event in the Eurasian region. How many foreign visitors have visited the forum over the years? More than 7,500 guests from 60 countries, including more than 150 foreign media. The geography is expanding every year, along with the composition of speakers and the scope of their professional expertise. For the past 15 years, the Eurasian Media Forum has built trust with the most authoritative media companies of the world, such as CNN, Euronews, Russia Today, Bloomberg, RBC, Financial Times. Our Kazakhstani and international information partners annually support the initiatives of the forum, participate in the dialogue, form the information field, and broadcast the events of the EAMF in the global media space. We are proud of the progress and results achieved through this synergy. In past years, the forum was visited by speakers and experts with great names and great achievements in society or in the professional arena: Mohammad Khatami, Harold Ford, Richard Holbrooke, Richard Pearl, Robert Simmons, Hamid Karzai, Jack Straw, Simon Enholt, Generals Wesley Clark, Arthur Denaro, Hisham Jaber, as well as Steven Cole, Ashot Jazoyan, Ray Hammond, Olga Kefaloyanni, Vladimir Pozner, Mikhail Guzman, Makis Shevchenko and others. By tradition, the agenda includes topics that are very relevant and quite top X[ [[\[[ۋXX\YX\[]X[ܙH][[ۂHHܝ[H\X\[[BYYXO“ؚX][KH[X[]X[\[ۜ˜\HH\ ] ^H\ۘ[۝X[ۈ\]HXۛZX\[ۜ˜[H]H[YHوYKY][^][ۈ[]HH[X[˜XYHXY[\ˈH^\[XYݙ\HX]\X[[H\و\\[Hܘ[K^HHX[HZ\\[ܛZ[Hܘ[H[H[X[ۂو]X[]HY[X\وXZ\ˈX\\\\[\\HXX[][[ۋ[܈\H]H[YHH^Hۂ[H[[[[^Hۈ ܙ[K\\H[H[[Z[\H]K›X[H\X\[[YYXH\B^XY\YX\X[B[X]X\[ۜ[XX[^YX\\\\\H[YB^\][[\^\]B[XYHۙ\YYZ\\X\][ۏ“[ܙH[ L ܙZYۈ\[\B[ܙH[ YYXH]]وX\[\XY]HY[XܙY]Y \[\^Z[HYYXKHܝ[H[B[܈YH^\[ۜ\وZY[X]X\[ۜˈH^XYHX]L Y\ˈ\YX\ܝ[H[\\H[]X[XۜX[ۈوBܛ HX\]H]YH[H\HوBY][]][ۋH[[X]\\›وH]\H[\H][Y[ B[\Y][]YH[X[H[ܙBX[][Hܛ[][]B[YYXHXK]\[XX[^YX\\\\H[\][ۘ[^\›ZH^Y\HX\[BٙK\]HZ\X[وH]][B]\][K[\[[[K^ ZXYقH\\\Y[وHٙXHوB[YHZ[\\وH[]Y[K]Y\YY[ XX[\\[]]B[[H[][H[Y]ܚ›وPSQL M[[X[[Y\TB[\ˈ[[ۙHXY[\Έ[X\ۋHX[Y[\\Y’[KX[XHXK[ۚY]K\[ۘ\ \\]YX^Y]ZBZZX[YY[\[X[H\˂\ܝYHUTАR