World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 48

EXPERT OPINION Reproductive medicine in Kazakhstan The World Monitor Magazine met with Vyacheslav Lokshin to talk about reproductive medicine in general and the International Clinical Center for Reproductive Medicine ‘Persona’ in particular. Vyacheslav Lokshin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, associate at National Academy of Sciences, President of Kazakhstan’s Association of reproductive medicine, President of Association for International pharmaceutical manufacturers, General Director of Persona ICCR In addition to your career history and numerous regalia, you are the head of International Center for Reproductive Medicine where we are privileged to meet today. The Center was established in March 2016. Could you tell us about the idea for creating this new center? I have been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology since 1982, for 35 years. Once I had chosen the profession – to help women – and worked as an obstetrician- gynecologist, then at the Department of Obstetrics for many years I participated in training midwives in our country, so today hundreds of obstetrician-gynecologists are my former students. In 1996, after the opening of the first IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) center in Almaty in the City Center for Human Reproduction, I accepted the invitation of Tamara Dzhusubaliyeva to become her deputy for science, and later – the IVF Director (since 2000). Since then my life is connected with this new direction in the reproductive technologies world. We started out helping women, and of course, our first steps were not very certain, but rather we were held up with the support of our colleagues from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. As a result, a well-known center has been established, which by our initiative turned into the institute for reproductive medicine, where I have continued to be a scientific leader. A person can see some perspectives for clearly himself. My colleagues and 42 world monitor I, including well-known doctors such as Sholpan Karibayeva and FW"VPv7W'FVBW2vFfW7FVG2fPFV6FVBF7&VFRWrF&V7F%@&W&GV7FfRFV6wF'VB6Ɩ2FBvVB&RRbFRf'7BW 6VG'VBBW'6fVB&6&W&GV7FfRVF6RvR7GVǒ6FVRFRv&FBvPfR&VVFr&Vf&R'WBFW&Rv0FVFB7V66VFW"6VB&PVvvVB66VFf2&W6V&66FVPFVFVG2&FvFR@fVRfW'FƗG2vV2vFFW &W&GV7FfRF6&FW'2F27BV"vP7V66VVFVBvFW&rFvWFW"FV`ƖR֖FVBVRv6&RFV2f"F0W'6fVB&6wV6wFFFRvRfRFRVFRB7W'&VFǒFR6VFW"W&f&2SFs&w&2v626vf6BV&W"vR&RFRFffRFW&2bFPV&W"b&w&2FR6VG'F22FRf'7B6VFW"FfR7V6খFVwf"FWfVr66V6R&7F6PBfF6&VBvFF6PG&FFWFG2FB&VGW7BVRG'W7BW3FVG26RFW2@FRf6Rb( W'6( 2&VrFFvFश7F( 2VF6&RॖRfRFV6VBFRW'6fV@&6VF6RFVW2&P&WBBV6R6RWFRBv2&6VBF@VF6R6VB&R&WfVFfRfFfPBW'6fVB7W'&VFǒ&V0bVF6RFRv&BFRW'6fV@