World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 18

DESTINATION kazakhstan treatment, medical rehabilitation, high- tech care, palliative care and nursing care. The amount of contributions and deductions for 2018-2019 What are the challenges facing the healthcare system today? In the present ‘Address to the people of Kazakhstan’, the Head of the State has set such tasks to the healthcare system as carrying out a wide information and explanatory work of the system of compulsory social health insurance and the introduction of price regulation for medicines. Also, the Head of State stressed that PPP should become the main mechanism for the development of infrastructure, including social infrastructure. In connection with this, under the Ministry, the Business Council has been created and is actively working - a platform for solving the tasks of the state and business. fund of social medical insurance state contributions employer contributions employees IE contributions contributions The Ministry of Healthcare together with akimats compiled a list of facilities offered to private investors for construction, privatization and trust management. There are two directions for investors. In the first one, a private investor builds health facilities at his own expense, reimburses his costs on the basis of a long-term contract and receives income associated with activities during the life of the facility. The second direction proposes that the Ministry of Healthcare take over the existing but low-efficiency state facilities in order to reduce the investment load, based on the quality criteria of the activities of these organizations. In both directions, local executive bodies are actively working. Nine facilities in different regions have already been transferred to management. health insurance system will also be clearly evaluated based on the final result. An agreement was signed with the Asian Devel opment Bank on the preparation of 4 pilot PPP projects in the field of out-patient care. ADB in 2016 for the preparation of pilot projects has already allocated over 200 thousand US dollars. In 2017 the bank is ready to allocate more than 500 thousand dollars for this sphere. With regard to the regulation of prices for all medicines, this year already it is planned to introduce amendments to the relevant legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We believe that the private sector has the opportunity to invest in overhaul, re-equipment, purchase of sanitation and maintains a higher motivation for work because today's funding is based on the end result. In the future, the compulsory What are the rates of contributions and deductions? According to the draft law, 'On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Healthcare' in the area of 16 world monitor average annual contributions for the payer in tenge, 2018 Inactive Population contributions average annual contributions for the payer in tenge, 2019 health insurance, the following rates of contributions and deductions are proposed: - Employers' deductions: 1% – since July 2017, 1.5% – since 2018, 2% – since 2020, 3% since 2022. - Employee contributions: 1% – from 2019, 2% – from 2020. - Contributions of private entrepreneurs, private notaries, lawyers, mediators will make up 5% of 2 MWP approved by law based on the republican budget; individuals receiving income under civil law contracts – in the amount of 5% of income, monthly from 1 July 2017. - Contributions of persons who are not members of the workforce (unproductively self-employed) – 5% of 1 MW from 1 January 2018. - The state will deduct 3.75% for the socially unprotected strata of the population – from January 2018, 4% – from 2019, 4-5% - since 2022.