World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 155

EUROBAK pages 13 th International PR Forum EUROBAK Session In May, the 13th International PR Forum, the biggest sectoral event in the field of communications, took place in Almaty. The PR forum offers its audience and visitors an opportunity to get acquainted with new trends in communications and PR. Margulan Ospanov, Chairman of the EUROBAK Policy and Corporate Affairs Committee, presented on the topic of practically implementing government relations in Kazakhstan. He also provided unique research and comparison regarding government relations in Kazakhstan and other countries, in terms of how it is related and different from PR. The relevant and up-to-date topics provoked lively discussion among representatives of different businesses. Government relations also require educational institutions in Kazakhstan to provide more specific and deeper studies to raise up future specialists in this field. 13-й Международный PR-Форум, крупнейшее отраслевое мероприятие в сфере коммуникаций, прошло в ма