World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 130

additional content company also uses technology that allows it to deliver content at lower costs to customers in smaller cities. Manufacturing Nigeria to launch Y’ello Health Cover. Y’ello is a mobile health insurance product that allows automatic online registration that gives subscribers unlimited visits to hospitals and a choice of provider from more than 6,000 registered partners nationwide. Higher education, similarly, is an area in which governments alone won’t be able to fill all the gaps. In many growth markets, including China, India, and Mexico, almost two- thirds of prospective students don’t have access to tertiary education. E-learning is proving to be one way to reach populations that might be widely dispersed — and participating companies stand to gain a share of a global market that is projected to reach $126 billion by 2020, with the Asia-Pacific region leading the growth, according to TechNavio Research. In China, one online education company alone, Hujiang, boasted more than 110 million users enrolled in 20,000- plus language-learning courses as of July 2016, many of them using mobile devices to access the courses. Hujiang has established go-to-market excellence partly by entering into partnerships with some of the world’s top educational organizations, including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press,