World Monitor Magazine June #3 - Page 108

Social responsibility Coca-Cola Belesteri invested amount 2012-2013 – 100,000$ 2013-2014 – 140,000$ 2014-2015 – 200,000$ 2015-2016 – 200,000$ 2016-2017 – 200,000$ affected social group over 7,000 economically disadvantaged women have been trained in the basics of business; 31 of them have received grants from Coca-Cola to open their own small business ‘Coca-Cola Belesteri’ (‘Stepping Stones’) project is part of Coca- Cola’s global initiative '5by20', which aims to economically empower five million women all over the world by the year 2020. with a conference that includes participation of the above stakeholders, and then ends in September with a grant awarding ceremony. Coca-Cola Belesteri started in Kazakhstan in 2012 and aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and increase employment among rural women. The program provides business skills training on how to start and effectively run your own small business. It also includes a competition of business ideas and the winners receive a small grant from the program for their start-ups. It is worth noting that the program focuses on developing women’s entrepreneurship using ‘green’ technologies, ܈^[\K\YBو\[\K\\Y][ۈ[XYܙY[\\ˈ]Kݙ\ Y[HH\[H[[X]H]Y\˜[Z[K[X]H[\Y[HY[ۜ]HXZ]YZ[[[ Hܘ[]H[ܝو L ]BY[]\YH\\[\ڙXوX H\BYܚX[\[  H\H\X\[ M H\H[]YX[ۂوˈ[[\ܝ[XY][Y[وHڙX\]YHY[]HX[YY؝Z[Y][ۘ[[[ YH]H[ SUKHܘ[H\[[YHHKPH[][ۈ[[H^Z[Hˈ[H][\[ۋHܘ[H\™Z[YX[Hۙ\ܝ\X\Y[X\و^Z[&\”\X[Y[ ][ۘ[[Z\[ۈۈY[YZ\[[B[[ܘ\XXH[\H\Y[وH\XXق^Z[[YZ[\][ۜ[[\[]\\[H[وYܚX[\H][Y[ [[[\[[\ˈXX[X[XHوHܘ[HXٙ[X\L ܛ[ۚ]܂'H\H\HY]\ڙX\Y[Xۚ^Y]BUTАRԈ]\ KPH[\\H[X[[Y]Y[و^Z[[[[H[ܙX\HZ\Z[[˜[[Y[[Z\[Y\Y[H[ [[\ܝ[KY[\Z[XH[YHHXۛZX[ XZ[وZ\[Z[Y\ˈH[[^[\X\ٝ[ڙX[[]\Y[ۜوH[H[HZ[YX\8'H^\[[XB\[X^Y]KXXYZ\[[][X][ۜ\X܈قKPH[X]H\