World Monitor Magazine, Economy WM_April 2019 web version (2) - Page 74

EUROBAK pages Audris Barcevicius, EUROBAK Chairman, President and CEO, Siemens Central Asia Dear Reader, In 2018 the global geopolitical scene has produced more rhetoric than action and Europe is not an exception: French government faces the worst political upheaval in 50 years, slowdown of GDP growth in Germany, UK PM Theresa May and The Parliament lost their leverage in Brexit negotiations, millions of immigrants arrived from Africa and the Middle East impacting political and social landscape of the continent. The first change of presidency in Kazakhstan in 28 years has sparked intense debate about possible successor as well as the early election on the 9th of June 2019. Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev throughout three decades has managed the balance between The Bear and The Dragon at the same time establishing multi-vector foreign policy - with the US as well. So whoever will become the successor of leadership in Kazakhstan will face increasing pressure from the north and the east. EUROBAK, representing major European investors, continues to promote and nurture mutual understanding between Kazakhstan and the countries of the European Union in business, as well as social spheres and create an effective platform for constructive dialogue between business and government for improving investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan. And this mission, becomes ever more important in such a volatile global environment. Over the past year EUROBAK has organized and held in excess of 65 high quality events, attracting over 3200 people to engage in constructive dialogue with various 72 world monitor senior government officials and authorities responsible for the country’s sustainable development, social policy, economic growth, investment attraction, lawmaking and others. This year we plan to double our efforts in voicing issues important to the investors and business community. We will continue to further enhance a constructive dialogue with the cabinet, including the Prime Minister’s office. Further liberalisation, decriminalisation and predictability of the taxation system, rule of law, currency control issues and the stability of financial and banking markets, sanitary and phytosanitary issues, agroculture, pharmaceutical, digitalisation and modernisation – all remain a focus of our activities. Cooperation with the diplomatic community in regards to the above mentioned agenda is also important. The Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Kazakhstan and EU – the heart for such cooperation – provides new opportunities to the business and investors communities in growing both directions and requires a sound understanding of its specifics. With that perspective, our continuous proactive support for government initiatives to make Kazakhstan an even more attractive market is as important as ever before and will lead to benefit not only for the country, but also for EUROBAK members.