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SPORT The project ‘Different you’ The project ‘Different you’ was launched three years ago as an in-class challenge of World Class Almaty to motivate clients to a consistent commitment to working out, as well as strengthen the relationship between the coaching staff, members and club partners. Initially the project included two areas: weight loss and body- building. However last year one more very fashionable and smart trend was added – dancing. Thus, absolutely everyone can choose what suits them, set a goal and try to achieve it. ‘Different you - Weight loss’ - zeroes in on reducing total body weight within three months. A client can choose a per- sonal trainer from among the World Class Almaty coaches and start working on weight loss. Before beginning though, we record the client’s initial weight and then take monthly measurements until completion of the project. In order to encourage the participants and stir up their interest and desire to win, the leaders with highest subtotals are given awards. 60 world monitor Those participating in bodybuilding, ‘Different you Is Men’s Physique and Fitness Bikini’, will pass a fitness test, choose a personal trainer among the coaching staff, with whom they will completely rebuild their power system and develop a training process, and then proceed to make their dreams a reality. The goal of these participants in this category of training is not only to bring their body to the maximum proportions of bodybuilding, but also to be able to demon- strate it. The work of the coach depends on the degree of preparedness of the participant. Basically, this category is chosen by people who have experience in training, with a certain muscle mass. But if the participant has not been involved in sports before, then the personal trainer is faced with the task of first gaining muscle mass, and then start- ing the ‘drying’ process. But, of course, if the test shows that the percentage of fat is much higher than the percent- age of muscle mass, then for effectiveness it is better to start with the first category of training – ‘Weight Loss’. Two weeks prior to the bodybuilding contest , it is key to adjust the client’s diet (carbohydrates, salt, water is reduced) for