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CONTENTS СОДЕРЖАНИЕ “ “ The way we're really going to grow the economy is to invest in people, to invest in innovation, to have the federal government put money in the kind of research that will create the new high-technology, biotechnology industries that will create the millions of new jobs. Joe Lieberman, politician, lobbyist and attorney 8 destination europe Вектор европа Germany and Kazakhstan. forecast for economic cooperation Германия и Казахстан. прогноз экономического сотрудничества 12 INVEST To kazakhstan инвестируй в казахстан Investor's interaction with the state Возможности принципа «Одного окна» для инвесторов 20 expert opinion экспертное мнение Guide on Islamic Banking Products Гид по продуктам исламского банкинга 34 LIFE STYLE Measure of adulting Мера взросления 4 world monitor