World Monitor Magazine, Economy WM_April 2019 web version (2) - Page 52

TECHNOLOGY WATER WORLD In the 21st century, Jules Verne wrote a fantastical novel about the floating city, and nowadays such projects are about to become a reality. Draw water Free floating cities in neutral waters are not a fantasy, but a completely feasible project, according to the ideology of seasteading, inspired by the example of Sealand. In 2001, libertarians Patri Friedman and Wayne Gramlik developed this idea in a collective monograph, and in 2008 they founded a non-profit organization of systematization in San Francisco. Seasteaders hope to create a new type of state formed on an existence of self-sufficiency outside the jurisdiction of all countries of the world and are already developing several projects. Thus, by 2022 Blue Frontiers, a company founded by the institute, plans to build a pilot Floating Island. The experimental design of 300 houses is intended to be placed in the territorial waters of the islands of the French Polynesia on autonomy from France - just in case, closer to land and in a safe harbor. The project even has its own crypto currency - varion. At the same time, many designers and architects around the world offer their detailed designs of man-made cities on water that can exist autonomously. 50 world monitor Under the water there are hotels and entertainment centres. The city has significant greenery, including in underwater zones. Separate ‘islands’ are interconnected by underwater tunnels. The finished polygon modules are delivered by water and integrated into the overall structure. The main transport is yachts and civilian submarines; car exhaust does not pollute the air. Food is grown on vertical farms and fish nurseries, while hydrogenerators provide the city with energy, and waste is recycled. Land occupies only 29% of the earth's surface, and megalopolises on water in the future may help solve the problem of overpopulation. The project ‘Floating City’ was developed by the British firm At Design Office byrequest of the Chinese company CCCC.