World Monitor Magazine, Economy WM_April 2019 web version (2) - Page 44

Life style Coffee habits and trends in different megapolises of the world Buying ordinary takeaway coffee in the morning, many of us do not even suspect that we are becoming part of the so-called third coffee wave. What are these waves like? The story is long: the first wave started back in the 1920s, when cheap instant coffee appeared in abundance; the second – in the 1960s, coffee turned into a drink for pleasure; and the third wave, which began in the 1990s, is a drink for what has become known as coffee snobs. It was the third wave that gave us the specialty coffee. Coffee trends are global as well as local – each metropolis has its own. One of the main global trends, which is becoming more widespread and warming the heart of the millennials, is the concept of "know where the bean is from." Certificates have become important, confirming the fair origin of coffee beans, in which nature was not offended, and the farmer was not injured, and the child was not expelled to work in the fields. And this trend is supported not only by small coffee houses, but also by major manufacturers. For example, the Finnish company Pauligzayavila commits that from this year 100% of the beans it purchases comes from such proven and responsible suppliers, and this, by the way, is 1% of the total world volume. Stickers declaring product fairtrade, organic and 42 world monitor the like are not the highest priority anymore when choosing coffee on the shelf: the buyer doesn’t care now about watering the coffee trees and how the farmer lives, who and how coffee is harvested. So, in the near future, coffee houses will attract not only rare varieties of beans, but also its honest origins. Another global trend: coffee lovers no longer perceive the process of making their favorite beverage as an extremely difficult technological challenge. In many ways, this was facilitated by the spread of capsule machines whose probability of error is minimized. But in everyone’s kitchens,