World Monitor Magazine, Economy WM_April 2019 web version (2) - Page 33

EXPERT OPINION Could you tell us about the activities that take place in the hotel? There is so much to do and experience. For every season an activity planner is carefully prepared; so in summer we take you onto the lake with our wake park, make you dance during our private beach parties, get you on the bikes to visit the beauty of the national park, get you out to play tennis and football, wake you up in the morning with our yoga deck classes and aqua gym, invite you to participate in our master classes from culinary to theatrical, groove you away at our open-air festivals, get you to fall in love with the most unique sunset over the Shchuchie Lake, and last but not least, get you up on stage for your sparkling moment. If you have only one weekend in Borovoe as a first-time visitor, in this limited time, what are the best things to do? Apart from enjoying the hotel’s amenities, the half-day excursion to Bulektau mountain is a must. During the trip you will visit all the legendary sites famous for the Burabay region. It is absolutely fascinating to listen to the fairytales featuring our known heroes. The breathtaking view from the Bulektau mountain peak is well worth climbing up the 147 meters. Of course our wonderful team members will take the pleasure of arranging all those special souvenirs for you. supported by EUROBAK 31