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INVEST TO KAZAKHSTAN Investor's interaction with the state In order to move to a new quality level, it is important to ensure the freedom and ease of doing business as quickly as possible, in particular, by creating optimal structures and processes that are able to most effectively resolve issues when the investor interacts with the state. Erlan Khairov, Chairman of the Investment Committee, MFA of RK Almas Aydarov, Deputy Akim of Karaganda region 12 world monitor How can investor interact with the state? On behalf of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Investor Services Centre has been operating since 2015. Its task is to provide consulting support and all public services by implementing the ‘one window’ principle. To date, the state registry includes more than 700 different public services, which includes registration of a legal entity, obtaining the necessary category of visa, documents for a land plot, necessary licenses and permits, as well as other state services provided by government bodies and organizations. It is enough for an investor to contact the specified centre, where you can receive all appropriate support in the shortest time possible. Many investors have already used the ‘one window’ principle. A striking example is the transnational company Coca-Cola that received all necessary state services through the Investor Service Centre, ranging from obtaining visas and ending with the procurement of investment preferences to implement an investment project. and Russian languages as well as in foreign languages on the basis of the PSC (State Corporation ‘Government for Citizens’). How many investors applied to the Center and Investor Services Sector last year? In 2018, over 4,500 investors applied to the Centre and the Investor Services Sector, about 4,600 received consulting support and about 5,000 applications were accepted for public services. The most popular public services among investors who applied: • state re-registration of legal entities • production and issuance of acts for the right of temporary paid land use • state registration of rights (legal burden) on real estate, etc. Are there plans to improve the system of the ‘one window’ principle? Recently, under a new law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national company Kazakh Invest was authorized to interact with the investor using the ‘one window’ principle. This principle has proven itself on the investment site as a mechanism to simplify and accelerate investment activity. This enables the national company to conduct a full cycle of support for all projects, ranging from negotiations to the commissioning of the facility. In order to comprehensively cover investors with government support procedures in each region, there are services for investors where they can also solicit advice in both the state In addition, this mechanism allows working relationships with existing investors to stimulate the expansion and modernization of production.