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SPORT • Passing a sports test. • 4-time online consultation in the first month of training. 2. Package "Premium 2.0" • Customize your training plan. • Escort via Stamina electronic diary. • Compilation of a common strategic preparation plan. • Telephone contact. • Correspondence via instant messenger. • Weekly adjustment of the training program. • Video for the training program. • Weekly training analysis. • Making a plan for the race. 3. Package "Maximus" • Premium package services. • Group classes, depending on the athlete’s level of training (12, 20 or 24 workouts) • Additional coaching advice after training. 4. Package "Exclusive" • Triathlon Basics: 12 group sessions + 2 individual workouts. • Advanced: 20 group lessons + 4 individual trainings. • Pro: 20 group lessons + 8 individual trainings. • Additional consultation coaches after training. When choosing a sports section for a child, parents are guid- ed by the desire to see the child grow up healthy and resil- ient. The triathlon is an ideal sport where your child will not get bored, because all kids love to swim, ride bikes and run with friends. And if you send your favorite entertainment to a useful course, then the child will not only be healthy and inde- pendent, but also learn how to work, set goals for themselves and strive to achieve them. The Almaty Triathlon Federation regularly selects children for the city’s national team, and the World Class Almaty Triath- lon Children's School will open its doors for your children to enter the world of professional sports. Teach your children a healthy lifestyle, and they will always be grateful for that! At the beginning of 2019, another significant event occurred in the life of the our school: a new project was launched to open a branch based on the Tamos Family Club fitness club. The entire training process will be supervised by the highly qualified coaching staff of the World Class Almaty Triathlon School, under the guidance of head coach Maxym Chorny. The base of the fitness club World Class Almaty and the sta- tus of the historically first Triathlon School in the country dis- tinguish us and inspire the confidence of athletes. We invite those who are already internally motivated to join, help to set goals and start training with the best in their field! supported by EUROBAK 63