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Life style Creating ARARAT brandy starts with the careful cultivation of vineyards in Ararat Valley, which is flooded with generous Armenian sunshine 300 days a year. To get grape juice, experts from Yerevan Brandy Company use pneumatic presses designed for producing expensive sparkling wines: only a delicate press, which does not damage the seeds or skin, helps to retain the exquisite aroma of the Armenian grape. After pressing, natural fermentation produces high- quality white wine, which is necessary for further distillation of the brandy. Blending is the culmination of brandy making, it is the most creative and responsible process in the whole chain relying on inspiration and true craftsmanship. Blending is almost an art form. When combining spirits of different ages and different grape varieties into a single composition, the master blender has to work with a complex range of tastes and aromas. ARARAT’s relationship with the arts goes back many years. After distillation, the brandy undergoes a long and secret process of ageing in oak casks. The great Konstantin Stanislavsky said: "Theatre is the art of reflecting life." Therefore, of all types of art, it is the theatre, the most dynamic and emotional, that plays a main role in the activities of ARARAT. It is thanks to the special structure of the Caucasian oak that the alcohol for the future ARARAT brandies acquires a unique character with clear tones of dry fruit, herbs, vanilla and chocolate. ARARAT glorifies the values that are the most striking features of the Armenian people and which are so relevant and understandable for everyone – generosity, love, craftsmanship, triumph. Converting wine into brandy is a complex and delicate process of distillation. The world of theatre, for the viewer and actor, is revealed in different ways. For some, the theatre opens from a place in the ground or an amphitheater, others from the stage. But sometimes we, the spectators, want to switch places with the actors and become part of the performance. Pushing past boundaries of theatre, ARARAT together with the modern theatre ARTISHOCK created a unique project called ARARAT Gostinaya. The performance allows the viewer to become a guest of generous owners at their table in their home, and ARARAT, the embodiment of Armenia, bright, colorful and passionate, adds just the right finishing touch to any table. This is not just brandy – it is part of the historical and cultural heritage that binds entire nations together, because this is the traditional companion of all friendly and family meetings. The ARARAT Gostinaya will open its doors to spectators at the end of February 2019 on the large stage of ARTISHOK Theatre in Almaty. supported by EUROBAK 49