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EXPERT OPINION scape is a significant “at risk” zone for organisations. Alongside with that, HR specialists should sit at the top of de- cision making on automation, robotics and use of AI. It will be key to more informed decisions in this area as it will ensure the organisation maintains its competitive advantage created through human resources. All of this is possible provided only that HR will attract and develop technically com- petent workforce. 5) Harness the potential of flexible talent and innovation: Ways of work- ing and employment relationships are becoming more fluid. The number of contractors, freelancers and portfolio workers is increasing. The leading “or- ganisations of the future” are already planning to redesign their processes and policies to attract and, where nec- 44 world monitor essary, retain the required workforce using the entire variety of recruitment and employment schemes. 6) Get your story straight: Organ- isations cannot protect jobs that will be made redundant by technology. The anxiety related to this future uncer- tainty has a direct effect on employ- ee motivation and performance even today, which means it also indirectly impacts the current performance of the organisation. If employees are confident that their organisation will take and is already taking actions to provide for their future employment regardless of the future, their per- formance and engagement today and tomorrow will drive the organisation’s success. Such actions can include re-skilling, rotation, professional re- training programmes, and, most im- portantly, the open and effective com- munications. It is commonly known that people re- sist change even when it is obviously for the better. While each of us de- cide how we feel about change indi- vidually, “organisations of the future” make every effort necessary to ensure a smarter way of navigating through change for the sake of their future success and well-being of their work- force. kazakhstan.html 2 force-of-the-future-rus.pdf 3 ple-organisation/publications/preparing-for- tomorrows-workforce-today.html 1