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INVEST TO KAZAKHSTAN DEVELOPMENT OF MASS ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND GROWTH OF PRIVATE INVESTMENTS 1 2 3 Tourism Modern production Development TITLE 03 Financial sector 4 Frequently, your initial font choice is taken out of your hands; companies often specify 5 Services for corporate and public sector development of the Strategy for the Development of the City of Astana until 2050, taking into account the prospective urban population. The fundamental basis of this strategy will be priority sectors that will develop in conjunction with a synergistic effect. We studied world experience, looked at how megacities are developing, analyzed their economic structure. Taking into account the existing advantages they identified priority sectors, in particular five trade- oriented ones (tourism, development, modern production, financial center, services for the public sector and international organizations) and five supporting (education, health, trade and logistics, culture and sports, creative sectors). These are the sectors that will give the maximum effect for the development of the capital, given its potential and capabilities. In the experience of many large cities, we have focused on the development of modern industries 6 Culture, creative sectors 7 Sport 8 9 Health TITLE 03 Education Frequently, your initial font choice is taken out of your hands; companies often specify 10 and productive services. More specifically, it is the development of the infrastructure of public spaces, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, residential complexes, shopping centres, parks and much more, which is extremely important for a global city. For each sector, we have developed value propositions for investors. For example, in the field of education there are investors ready to build private schools in accordance with international standards, and we have identified sites for construction. We hope to reach a specific result in the near future. At the same time, it should be noted that further improvement of the investment climate and development of the stock market are important for the city. This is one of the main tasks of the International Financial Centre ‘Astana’, which began its work. Using the best international experience, it should become a regional hub, applying English law and modern financial technologies. Trade and logistics No less significant a niche in the line of instruments for attracting investment is created by special economic zones ‘Astana - new city’, ‘Astana – Technopolis’. It provides a number of customs and tax incentives for investors, in particular exemption from corporate income tax, VAT refunds to suppliers of goods when building objects in the administrative and business centre, land tax, property tax, land lease and simplified regime for importing foreign force. Now we are doing point work with investors. Together with the regional institute in the field of attracting investments of Astana Invest, we assist investors at every stage of the development of their business, starting with obtaining an investor visa, ending with signing a contract. The whole process includes escorting investors in obtaining public services, consulting on the possibilities of locating the proposed investment project, using state investment support tools, providing all kinds of assistance, including finding housing. supported by EUROBAK 33