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DESTINATION KAZAKHSTAN President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev meets with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium. 19 October 2018. Photo by geopolitical realities, changing needs and the growing capabilities of the countries of our region. We view this decision as confirmation of the EU’s priority attention to building a more advanced partnership with Central Asia. Kazakhstan hopes that the new Strategy will become a solid, effective and multi-functional basis for even deeper cooperation between the European Union and Central Asia, a new driver of strategic cooperation between our regions. In particular, we support the declared intentions of the European partners to participate in the current processes in the CA countries in the field of ensuring the rule of law, security, good governance and education, as well as promote further diversification of economies and attract investments, develop interconnectedness, strengthen the potential of the Central Asian states in energy, digitalization, transport and logistics, as well as to ensure stability in the region. Kazakhstan, like all Central Asian countries, is actively cooperating with the European Commission to update the EU Central Asia Strategy in order to ensure its greatest effectiveness, based on the interests of all countries in the region. in the past two years, there has been an increase in regional cooperation in Central Asia. There are positive trends in the development of dialogue on important issues on the regional agenda. The significance of the region in the system of modern international relations is growing rapidly. We welcome the main directions of the future strategy, previously voiced by the European side during the ‘European Union - Central Asia’ Ministerial Conference held in Brussels on November 23, 2018. This, in turn, opens up new interesting perspectives for interaction between the European Union and our region. We are interested in promoting the effective modernization of our states, developing market potential, diversifying economies and, as a result, establishing our region as a significant player in the system of international economic relations. It remains one of the foundations of our further cooperation. We believe the effective implementation of the Strategy will promote further rapprochement between Central Asia and the European Union, including implementation of joint project activities in the areas of development, the rule of law, security, education, environmental protection, and the development of trade, economic and investment cooperation. Thus, a very timely and opportune moment has come for the preparation of the updated Strategy. In general, we urge the European Union to be more ambitious and expand its presence in Central Asia. This is important for the region in the context of balancing the presence of leading foreign trade and investment partners. supported by EUROBAK 11