World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 97

About Tsiaras Phillip Tsiaras Private Myths are an important advance in the surrealist tradition of 20th century art. Bretton’s Manifesto suggest the way Tsiaras’ works are an advanced surreality. Traditional surrealism had a morbid curiosity about pathology. In contrast, Tsiaras’ surrealism transcends such morbidity. Indeed, the sense of pleasure that emanates from his work, his fantasies of the self, and of the world, seem so positively charged with healthy erotic pleasure, as to deny the power of mental pathology, and even to suggest it can be overcome. It is though Tsiaras wants to remind us, that the self and the world, however diseased, can be enjoyed. Donald Kuspit, Critic, New York City Philip Tsiaras’ pictures are a concentrate, an individual reception to the last forty years of cultural history. His images possess an intensity which link the imagination with collective experience to surpass the individual, and speak out to the vital consciousness of an entire generation… Tsiaras’ art deliberately engages the dynamic fields of different cultural influences, which have shaped and continue to shape his individual reality. Out of this arise strong, willful artworks whose power have universal dimension. Martin Stather, Director Kunstverein of Mannheim, Germany Tsiaras is, above all, “ancient blood in a modern organism”, raised and educated in an advanced American culture; assuming that “Mediterranean” is not only a geographic connotation but also way of understanding a complicated and mutable cultural dimension. Angelo Pauletti, Director Municipal Director of Culture, Feltre, Italy. \[\[\\Y[X\\\\[[YX\YXXX\ܙY\\[]œ\\Z\[\ܜ\[\\ˈH[XZ[œ\ܝYHUTАRŽL