World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 95

Bienalle of Photography, Torino, De Novo Gallery, Sun Valley, Cento St. Benin, Aosta, Pinakotech of Ithaca, Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete, Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Museum of Modern Art, Shenzhen, Grand Gallery, New York City. Tsiaras works in a great range of media--painting, photography, glass, ceramic, and bronze. He has exhibited in the Venice Biennale three times and produced a ten foot bronze sculpture on the Grand Canal entitled “Social Climber”. Philip Tsiaras has been the recipient of many national prizes: The American Academy Award for Poetry, The Thomas Watson Fellowship, New York State C.A.P.S grant, two N.E.A. National Endowment Grants for Arts, nomination for the Blickle Stiftung International Photography Prize, Germany and The Generali Assicurazioni Gold Metal Award for “Civilita” Venice. Tsiaras’ works are widely collected in corporate, private and important museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fifteen books and catalogues are attributed to his work, most notably monographs published by Electa and Mondadori books Milan, “Horse Boy” published by Canova, Treviso, Italy, and “Family Album” published by Contrasto, Rome. A 30 year retrospective of photography entitled, Philip Tsiaras- SUPEREAL was published by the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki. supported by EUROBAK 91