World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 57

EXPERT OPINION the city; there are 14 large and many small lakes surrounded by mountains and pipe forests. In my opinion, the dark monument of our Soviet past deserves special attention – the Akmola camp for wives of betrayers of the nation. The largest soviet women’s camp, one of the three “islands” of the Gulag Archipelago was built in 1938. These prisoners were comprised of “members of the families of the betrayers of the nation” who were repressed in accordance with the order of NKVD USSR. The vivid impressions our guests receive from immersion in the Kazakh culture atmosphere, in national traditions. We have developed several author programs, the elements of which we use both in absolutely official events and in incentive or teambuilding events. Our programs we have built on legends, tales, films, national games and fun, arts and crafts. Our guests learn how to assemble yurts, felt, paint clay figurines, and they try on national clothes, plant gardens of the famous Almaty aport. During the harvest season people press wine, collect apples and cook jam, then put this jam into branded jars to take as souvenirs. Are there enough attractions and infrastructure in Kazakhstan for tourists coming to the EXPO? What sights do you consider important for visiting? Speaking about Astana, in addition to excursions to city sights, I would advise people to see the National Park, Burabai, located a few hours drive from I highly recommend that tourists wishing to visit Kazakhstan during EXPO include in their program other cities besides Astana, first of all Almaty. Our beautiful Almaty located in the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains has been a long-time capital, and it is still the largest city in Kazakhstan. The high- mountain skating ring Medeo, the Big Almaty Lake, natural parks, canyons, and monuments of architecture will not allow our guests to stay indifferent to our country’s landscape. I am sure that we are well prepared for welcoming our guests, and we will be happy to see them in our home. supported by EUROBAK 53