World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 20

DESTINATION kazakhstan EXPO 2017: the largest image project in Astana EXPO 2017 is the largest image project planned in Astana. What do you expect in terms of attracting investors and investment prospects for the Republic of Kazakhstan? As international practice shows, for the host country the EXPO exhibition is a unique opportunity to transfer to a qualitatively new level of economic development, leading to active innovation and investment development. Usually this event attracts the attention of large numbers of people from all over the world, including potential investors. Kazakhstan is not an exception in this context: over two million people plan to visit our country within 90 days. We also expect that many foreign investors will visit the exhibition. EXPO 2017 is a unique option to express ourselves, to show our abilities, advantages and potential to the international community. Currently, in our country the most attractive and favorable conditions are created for foreign investors. Among them, the Investor Service Center (hereinafter – the ISC) is established, since an important aspect of working with investors is to support them at all stages of an investment project, from 18 world monitor negotiation to the final result in the form of an implemented project. The ISC tasks include working directly with foreign investors, providing operational support for them and direct communication with clients – obtaining primary documents, required co F7G0BFW"f&FF7F'@FR&V7B&F2vV0V7W&rFR&BB6'&V7@&W76RFV2bf&VvখfW7F'26RvFFPU42vv&f&֖pfW7F'2bfW7FVBFVFB'GVFW2f&R7F&fFr6W'f6R7W'Bf&FBǗF67W'BBFVw&FrvfW&VB7W'@7G'VVG2FFFRV662f"GG&7FpFW&FfRf6R6W&6W2&PFWfVVBvR&fFRf6pf6ƗFW2f"67G'V7F`W&F6FW27V62FRV6PbBB'fW7F"vFFRFF'W6Rb@BFfW7F"26FW&f"FR66W6bfW7FV@6G&7C6f6rf6ƗFW0VFW"67G'V7FBF2VBFR&VƖ֖'fVRbF&V7@&fFRfW7FVG26VFp67G'V7F&V7G2bFV2&W6FVF&VW7FFRBFW f6ƗFW22&RFR&ƖU2F'2GW&rFRW&FU#rB26'FBFV6PFRFWfVVBb7F( 0FW&7BFVFf"F2W'6RvRVBBrFGG&7Bf&Vv2vV27F( 2&vW7@G&fVW&F'2BvV6W2vPv&fFRFW&7G2vFvFP&vRbvG2B6W'f6W2'F7V"rvR&Rv&rW@FR77VW2bFW'2FFRfvpFW7FF3FR&W 66G&R&&fR6'66'VRBFRw&VB6ƲvआrFW2FRW&FU#rffV7BFRFWfVVB`7F( 2g&7G'V7GW&Sv@FV6vW2FRFW6PFRgWGW&SvFFR6'B7F66WBv62FRFWfVVBbW 6F2w6'B6Gr@f7W6W26W&&FWfVVB&V36'@6'@6'@6'@6'@6'@V6אvVV@G&7'@66WGVf&V@ƗfpFRg&Wv&bFRw6'@Vf&VBrFR7FfF242VVG2FPfvs