World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 146

From inventiveness to Ingenuity for life For almost 170 years we have been finding ways to improve life in many areas. With our passion for technology, we set stand- ards and create sustainable value – for our customers, for so- ciety and for each individual. Our company founder Werner von Siemens would have called this inventiveness. Today we call it Ingenuity for life. Innovations that improve life. For customers, for society and for each individual. This is Ingenuity for life. 142 quirements. For example, through the digitalization of the whole production process. Ingenuity for life makes our cities more liveable and ap- pealing, by making them more efficient and environmentally friendly, and improving punctuality. For example, intelligent networking and control of traffic signals give priority to bus- es and emergency vehicles. Ingenuity for life ensures the foundation for a strong economy, by mastering the challenges of today’s energy landscape. For example intelligent technologies ensure a stable power supply by managing fluctuations from wind and solar energy sources. Together with our customers we tackle the many challenges that face us. Through our expertise in the areas of electrifi- cation, automation and digitalization, we improve the lives of people today and create lasting value for future genera- tions. Ingenuity for life brings industry into the future. Mass produc- tion thus becomes so flexible that it can even fulfil individual re- This is what drives us and this is what we promise. This is Ingenuity for life. world monitor