World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 145

Welcome new members Established: Almaty 2008 and Astana 2011 Employees in Kazakhstan: Almaty 172 and Astana 154 Business: Haileybury Almaty opened in 2008, in association with Haileybury UK. This not-for- profit educational project was financed by the shareholders of Capital Partners and other local benefactors. Haileybury Almaty offers a broad, liberal education in the best traditions of British independent schooling. Pupils are prepared for ‘A levels’, which enable them to enter the best universities both abroad and in Kazakhstan. Haileybury Astana, was opened in 2011 in the capital. On 23 November 2016, Haileybur B\[HX[YHH]\Y[X\و[]\Yܛ[ؘ[[][]Hوݙ\ L [ M Y\[[Y\ٙ\[H[\][ۘ[X[]\X]K][ێ[ H\XH LL [X]H[ HY] Z[[ \[B[X]K\[K^Z[X]N˚Z[^X\X[X]Kވ[˚Z[^X\X\[Kނ[HقܚY[X[[Z\X[وݙ\ܜ‘\X\Y [\YY\[^Z[ \[\ΈSPVPQTȈܛ\و\[Y\Ȉ\H\[H[Yܘ]܂ݚY[\Y\][ݘ]]HY]X[]H][ۜ[^Z[B[]X\\ˈZ[H[XXH\\وܛ ZۛۈX[YX\\][ܙB[ MHYX\و^\Y[HۈHX\] \\[Hٙ\HYH[Bو\X\[X[H[\X\Έ[X[][X][ۋ][]K[[\KZ\ܝY][ܛKYKXKٙ\[ۘ[Y[YYXH[Y][YۘYK\]\H[܈ݙ\[˂][ێ NL[X]^Y] [X]K^Z[X]N˜[X^ ނ[HقܚY[\Zܝ[^Y]Z\X[وB\\\ܞH\\ܝYHUTАRŒM