World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 125

additional content Exhibit 6: Government affairs (GA) Previously, various silos were responsible for answering these questions and others. That, inevitably, led to duplication of effort and inconsistent messaging in the marketplace. But now the stronger and more coordinated capabilities of the critical teams are essentially serving as an early warning tool, a way to sound the alarm within the organization that an issue about a planned or existing drug would affect the company’s projected performance and that tactics and strategies would need to be altered to address the potential problem. The successful difference at this pharmaceutical company can best be described as a shift in emphasis and in internal planning cohesion. In the past, the commercial team would go to market without enough information to navigate conditions as they changed; now, the commercial team is benefiting from the collated foresight that external-facing critical teams are amassing, using this new knowledge to drive a more logical and lucrative marketplace strategy for their leading brands. supported by EUROBAK 121