World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 114

additional content companies), typically buying one or two computers at a time, all seeking more or less the same few models; these customers, however, are sensitive to cost and good user experience. Lenovo has a single well-developed hardware and software innovation capability aimed at meeting the needs of both types of customers. But its supply chain capability is bifurcated. The relationship supply chain is complex, designed to provide enterprise customers with greater responsiveness and flexibility. Lenovo’s computer manufacturing plant in Whitsett, N.C., which opened in 2013, was designed for fast shipping, large orders, and high levels of customization. Meanwhile, the company maintains a simpler supply chain with manufacturing sites in low-cost locations for its transactional customers. The principle “keep it simple, sometimes” is itself more complex than it appears at first glance. It combines three concepts in one: First, be as simple as possible. Second, let your company’s strategy be your guide in adding the right amount of complexity. Third, build the capabilities needed to effectively manage the complexity inherent in serving your markets and customers. 9. Shape Your Value Chain No company is an island. Every business relies on other companies in its network to help shepherd its products and 110 world monitor services from one end of the value chain to the other. As you raise your game, you will raise the game of other operations you work with, including suppliers, distributors, retailers, brokers, and even regulators. Since these partners are working with you on execution, they should also be actively involved in your strategy. That means selling your strate H[K][[H^]YX]Z[B\\\HH]][ [X[\[\]YX[Z]Y[][[[[[]X[\][ۘ[\ˈ܈^[\K[H^[X[Y]X\[H]\Bp]XY[\[[ܙYY[™H[X^ۈZ[ܙ\[Y\]œ\[Y[Y\ݙ\Y]B\H[H\Z[XHۛHY^BZ[Y\\[][ۜ\]Z\\Y\ˈ^[ۙ^Z[\Y\^HYYY[\[H\Y\&B[][]Y\ˈH\[H\[][Z]Y[][\[ۂ\[˂\HXY[YYHY][XH˜[Yۈ[[]X[\\Xܛž[\[YHZ[[H\ \[Y\][Y\][ۜ\Y\[Y[[ݘ]]H^\Y]Y\X[[Yܘ][ۋH[[[\وH\][ۈ[Z\K܂^[\K[]^ܙX]YH؝\[B\H]ܚ][Y]\H]Z[ܙ\]]\Yۈ[X[ۂX[\ˈX[ ][YH\\H]H[Y\Yۙ\[]]\[[¸%[]\۸&]8%[ܙH]ZXB[Z\\]]ܜ[ \˜\X\[Y\H[XB[ܙH][\][[]ZXB[HY\[ۋ[]\š[Y[]^]XH]][[ٚ]X[]H[ܛ ]H[YH[]^][Y]\[K\X[[Yܘ][ۈ\H\\]Z\]B܈][و[Yܘ][ۋ]HXH\[Y [[BY X\Y\]\[\ۛY[ [Bۙ\YY[\X[[Yܘ][ۋ[H[XY]HH[YH\[Y[Yܘ]Y\[\]ܛ\ŠYHX[YYH\ \\H\X˜\[Y\X\[X [\˜Z[][Y\[[\\KH[[]\[\[Y\œ\HX[ ][YH]HX[[\K\B]ܛ\[XHXX\X\][˜\[H][ܙH[X][\œ]YX[˂L []]BX]HX\\BH[ܙH[[\\[H\B[\[[\[Y\\܈XZ[˜[\ݚ[X\[ۜH\]XY\ˈ[HH\][ۈXY\š]H]HXHو\X]XܘXK[X[H[&]XZHX\[ۜ˜X]\H^H۸&]ۛ]B]YX[ܚ]Y\\H8%܈][]\ZZ\[[ˈ[Hܛ\H\ܝ\[ۈ\XYH][[ [\\[H[&]YܙH[YH܂^[Hو\][\^KH[\]]H\]H[X]HX\\K\\H[\[]X]Kٝ[[[\[Y\\H]YHY^X][ۈ\œ][[ ]\H]H[HXX[[][X][ۈ\ZY [[ۜ[ [\]Y\[\[][ܚ܈ܚX]\H^B[X\[H][[ۘ[XX[\˂[\[[ۘ[XX[\ۛۛH]^x&\H\Y]