World Monitor Magazine April 2017 - Page 107

books and Policy. Our thesis, and theirs, is that up until 1980 it was taken for granted in the United States that the public and private sectors were partners in a project of equitable growth. It was never the case that the government needed to take control. And it was never the case that what the U.S. needed was to drown government in the bathtub and let laissez-faire rip. Rather, the government needed to do its proper job of clear- ing the ground, opening up the space, setting up the playing field and keeping it level, building the institutions, and providing whatever support it could that would greatly add value to private enterprise. While government does the block- ing, private enterprise takes the ball and carries it forward at great speed. This is how the U.S. developed from a group of poor, disconnected, agrarian colonies into a powerful, industrialized, integrated nation. But Hacker and Pierson, political scientists at Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley, respectively, argue that the U.S. fell prey to a fit of amnesia. Our political system forgot how things worked — and how they are supposed to work. And the authors pin the blame, to a large degree, on the political right. Sometime around 1980, American conservatism stopped seeing government as primarily a partner to private enterprise and began seeing it ex- clusively as an enemy. The conventional wisdom came to hold that the smaller the government, featuring low taxes and fewer regulations, the faster the economic growth. This wa [ܙ[ݙ\HXX[YY[][Y[X[[\\]]KH\Y[]Y]^Z\^YZ\HX\][Z[][ۛHBZ[Y XY\]Z[Y[]\\[[ۛBX]\HHXY\\H^[YH[Y X\[Y\ۈ[H\[[ܞHوH\[و; \[Y\X[ۜ\]\H[[H\XX[\HHYX]X[Y[Y[Y[X[X˜[X\HܞH]XYH\[ܜ\YH\H\ۙH^H Xۘ\YH\ۜHB MXH\\]XZˈHKˈݙ\Y[Y[›ܙ[^H]Y[YY[XX[ H\[[BۛYXXHX][X[\\X\HHY[[YX]H][\Z\[X[ۋX۝XY\˂[Y] H]]ܜKX[H[ Y[X[[Y[]ܜ™H\[\[وH[\\YXH[H\YۘYH]H\ۜH[&]H\Y[[Z[8%[\HX]\H]\Z[ۙXYHBݙ\Y[ 8']\\YH\HX]H[&]\H[]][ۜ]X[]XX][H[&]\H[H[[K8'HZYۈ\Y\]Y[\\&\Y]Xۙ\B\HX]BH^KB]8&\[YHX]BX\HܛHقXۛZX][ۂ[^] [\[[\]H][ۘ[\[ [\[XZYH[Y]YHؘ[XHYZ[\][ۂYYZ\]Y[\܈[X[ۈX]\HB]HX[Y\XX[H]\[]X\[Y\ۈZ\[[\ܝ[[KH[]\H[ۘZ][وBY ^HZ\H\XX[\x&\[HܛX][ۂHHܛ\وܝ\ [[[\\\[^H[ZHY[YHوHܙX]]H\X[ۈ][H[XۛZXܛ[[Hܛ\قX\ [[ۙ\[Y]H]^H\H\œX\^H[]\K[\H[\X]BHܙX]]H\X[ۈ][H[XۛZXܛ[[˂\HYH]\Z[HX\HوB\[\XۛZX[]X[]\H]\]X[ܙB\[Z\X[HۙHH\H[܋H\›ۛHۙHܝXYHYˈ\[\[[YHوYܛ[ܙX]\XY[\ؙ\ܙۈڙX]\YY[ܙH]][\H[\[\[[š[H\[\X[]][ۈYH[ܛX][ۈ[[XKY] \YZ\\\۝[[H\Y\YZ[]Y\[[[ۙx&\ܛ\[Z[HœXHX[[[\H[XX\[ٛܛZ[BHYX[و[ؚ[^[\\\[HܛHوXۛZXœ][ۋHY[X[H]\Y]X[Xۛ^BX\[Y\ۈ\YZ[\[Z[H[X[[\[Y[H\XY\\[ۈH[ZHY[YHو]]\ܝ[]Y\[XZ[]X^HHH[\Y[XH]قY\Y\\\ٙ[\ܚ\\\K] \•[\ܛۚ]H\Y^N]8&\H^H]\˂\ܝYHUTАRŒL