World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 83

SPORT and ability to a focus on the main thing. This trend will never go out of fashion. At seemingly low intensity, stretching exercises significantly increase the strength and endurance of the muscles, and regular training significantly accelerates the metabolism (no worse than cardio training and interval training). Daulet Kabi, boxing personal coach, World Class Almaty * Increased blood flow in muscles. * Improvement of muscle elasticity. * Increase in the amplitude of motion in the joints. * A noticeable effect on the increase in volume and the improvement of the shape of the muscles. 4. Functional fitness Functional training is the use of power loads to improve coordination, endurance and strength to perform tasks in everyday life. Nurlan Zhaisanbayev, boxing elite coach, World Class Almaty Classical exercises for HIIT: * bers * push ups * attacks * mahi weight * squats with weight (or any other burden) * sprints (the fastest run for a short time) 2. Training with your own weight These trainings, familiar to us from childhood, are now experiencing a second birth. * This training is suitable for people with any level of training, and, therefore, no excuses. * For a full study of all muscle groups, you need a minimum of inventory and space. An excellent beginning will be: * sit-ups * push ups * pull-ups * bridge (you can start with a simple option) * exercises for abdominal muscles 3. Stretching and balance body Flexibility and balance exercises will certainly lead to clarity of thinking In training we use free weights, traction simulators, balls, ropes and much more. 5. Training on the basis of boxing and kickboxing in its pure form Now many fitness training programs have taken on elements of boxing and kickboxing. The reason is simple: an hour of boxing burns about 800 kcal, if you weigh 60 kg (of course, with more body weight, more calories are spent, with less, than less). Aerobics or cycling at a speed of 15 km/hour burn two times less calories. * Growth rates of speed, strength, coordination, endurance. * The ability to protect yourself. * A wonderful stretch, if you choose kickboxing. supported by EUROBAK 79