World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 82

SPORT 5 fitness trends in 2018, which will bring the maximum result Mirat Mussabayev, kickboxing elite coach, World Class Almaty Boxing in Kazakhstan has long been a ‘national’ sport. Such popularity is caused by the success of domestic boxers at international venues. The desire to imitate the best increases the interest in this sport. However, if you reject fanaticism and look at boxing as fitness, you can be surprised to find that it contains a whole complex of sports programs, the influence of which is recognized by specialists. It is proved: boxing gives a guaranteed result, because the workouts are based on effective methods, which in 2018 became the main fitness trends. On the eve of opening its school of boxing, World Class Almaty, the premium class fitness club, specially gathered and listed these trends to invite not only the masters of leather gloves, but also all those who plan to enter the percussion training process into the ranks 78 world monitor of the students. The boxing school based at World Class Almaty will be available to all visitors regardless of the availability of the club card 1. High-intensity interval training High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to 'melt' fat with proper nutrition. Classes are based on a series of approaches, regulated by time, with a tempo as close as possible to the limit, and a short break. * Training rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes, including a warm-up and stretching * Involves both fasting and slow fibers * Includes strength and endurance training * Accelerates metabolism * Increases dry muscle mass