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Life style Martell Cordon Bleu cognac, also known as Martell Extra, was served at a gala dinner at the marriage celebration of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly. The philosophy of the Martell house has always been the pursuit of excellence, new discoveries and conquering the heights. So in 1977, Concord passengers enjoyed cognac Martell Cordon Bleu during a flight from Paris to New York while traveling at twice the speed of sound. Later, in 1986, Martell Cordon Bleu was included on the menu of the famous ‘Orient Express’ train, running between Venice and Copenhagen. The 300-year history of the Martell brand success is due to the continuous exploration of new territories, from geographical latitudes to design and taste. Today, this passion for research has become the impetus for the from French), which is traditionally used creation of a new cognac, which opens by masters for blending in the Cognac for connoisseurs of this noble drink a unique method of distillation for Martell. region, and represents its modern interpretation. The house of Martell is the only one Martell VS Single Distillery represents a of the great cognac houses that uses new stage in the history of VS cognacs, a double distillation of exceptionally which emphasizes the uniqueness of pure wines, without precipitation the Martell house and its fidelity to and impurities. Going to a new level, centuries-old traditions and quality. Martell uses spirits from one distillery to emphasize the unique style of Martell cognacs. Having the same taste Each glass of the new Martell VS Single Distillery reveals an amazing palette of characteristics, these spirits are most fruit flavors that inspire gastronomic harmoniously combined, giving birth to discoveries on the eve of an exquisite a unique and rich cognac - Martell VS dinner or a friendly meeting. Single Distillery. The main difference of Martell VS Single Distillery from all other already known Martell VS is a completely new blend, and, accordingly, a softer and rich taste. The laconic appearance of the new blend is inspired by the classic shape of the montre bottle (“clock”, translated Light and softly blended with fruit notes, the bright and golden Martell VS Single Distillery reveals the aromas of plum and caramelized lemon peel. These rich fruit tastes, rising to the palate with the luxurious softness of good cognac are especially pleasant in mixed drinks and cocktails. supported by EUROBAK 75