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Life style The oldest of the great cognac houses This article may contain information on alcohol products, the use of which is contraindicated for persons under the age of 21, pregnant and lactating women, persons with diseases of the central nervous system, kidneys, liver and digestive organs. Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. The Martell family’s 300 years of passion and scrupulous labor has passed from generation to generation the French art of living (French Art de Vivre), enjoying the beauty of every moment and receiving the maximum pleasure. A rich history where mastery stands in the service of taste: Martell cognac has enjoyed and admired three centuries of solemn coronations, Hollywood films, aristocratic weddings and even polar expeditions…and more. The history of the Martell house began with the arrival of the Englishman Jean Martell, a native of the island of Jersey, to France in 1715. The French art of living impressed him with its highest manifestation, glorifying gastronomy with its taste and skill, all in pursuit of enjoying the beauty of every moment. He traveled the region in search of the best drinks (finest eaux-de-vie), establishing relationships with local wine growers who inherited their craft from their grandfathers and great- grandfathers. After the death of Jean in 1753, his widow Rachelle took over leadership, pursuing the perfect cognac with the same attentive and tenacious attitude as her late husband. In 1775, Rachel passed on a very prosperous 74 world monitor business to her sons Jean and Frederic, who continued to develop international relations, sending the first batch of cognac to the US. In the next two decades, Martell gained international fame, sending their first batches of cognac to Japan and other Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea. The path to universal recognition of Martell is decorated with historical milestones. In 1911, Martell was served at the coronations of the English King George V, and on May 27, 1936, Martell cognac was served during the maiden voyage of Queen Mary from Southampton to New York. In 1956,