World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 69

CULTURE All life of a Kazakh was related to yurt. Dome (Shanyrak) was family relic and passed on from generation to generation. Black dome of father’s yurt was honored by sons as shrine. If a Kazakh vowed in all seriousness, he would look up at the dome. The great attention was given to the wedding yurt (Ak otau). Its quality and beauty of decoration would have to ensure happiness to a new family. This could be the reason, as Margulan puts it: “...for the artistic work inside the yurt. Therefore, Kazakhs of average prosperity wouldn’t spare all means or materials. Everyone would strive to make the wedding yurt more decorated and elegant. They would often spend all their wealth just for the wedding”. Kazakh yurt is not only an element of the people’s material culture. It contains symbolism and variety of information about religious and mythological picture of the world. The model for Khazakh nation’s and their ancestors’ world picture were signs from external environment and human society. The yurt structure. How to make it? There is a tight connection and parallel that can be traced between conceptual model of the world and ]\[]ۜX[ۋ^Z]\\XYHو[[YB\\H[[ݙ\[[YB۝Z[ܚY [H  K\ۛX[™ܚY][K[܈[YKHXX\^Z]\\HH[\H]\ ]\[˜[Y8&H[]\8&H[HۛHX[B[H[YܙX\KH[Y\XY]\\H^ \H]\ \›YX[H]\\]]\ \[XY BH^ܚY8$\YH[^Z B^HوH]\\]\Z[Y Y[Y HBH\و\ˈH\وܚY™\[ۈH\و\ˈH\وۘ]H[[Y[وHۜX[ۂ]ZH\[][H\وܚY˂\Hۘ]H[[Y[\HB]\8&\YK^[]\[XB܈”ܘYHXH܂ܜH\\“X[HXBԂۛܘXHXJB[\RГQBXܙYܜ\ B[X[HXBܘYHXB܈][[”\[XB܈[[TSPB[[Y[܈[[X[[[H]\\H\[Yو ܛYY[Z™\[Y]\XYHو[Y[X]\[[\\H[ؚ[K\YܙBܚY[HX\[HYY[[ݙY\\ ^HوH[[Y[ []H\۸&][\ ]H[܈[YۙY[][&]^YY Y]\] KLKBY]\وݙ\[ZY [\]\[\[]H\Bو[\Zˈ[[Y[][\YB[[\ZZ\[[X[™YH\HوH]\8&\Z[[\H[Y]Z8$ۙ[YXˈ[H[BY Z\\HXYH][B\&HY\]\H\ HY]\›ۙˈۈH^H\H[\Y]\YX]][ \[[KH^Hو^Z]\\[ۈB^HوX[[ۙ \\Y\[BܚY \HX[[ۙ \\Y\\B[Y8$ވ\YH \H[H[XHۙH\ H[[ވ\YH \B[H[XH\Kވ\YBX[\X[[ۙ \\YJH\HXYBوX\]H\ ܈[K]\B^H\HX[\[ވ\YH\BXYHو[[Y\ˈ\YܙKB\\H\\\KZH\\B\\H[\H\YXZHH]\܈[Hو]\YHX[ ]\X[YX\\ X\HXZH]ZŠۙ[YXHH[[\]ܛۈH]\Y\ˈ\H\B\[[YKX[Y[[\\\]ܛ[Y\[Y[ۜو^Z[Xܙ[YKB^\Y[K[\H\YHœXH[YH܈^Z]\ HYB\ۙH\H[[ۙH[K]Z[\YHXYHوYY[˜[\\HY ]ZYY ]\K\Yٙ[YY[\X[YY[H[X&\[[\\Y[B\KH\\Y[\H]\HۙHYH[[YHH\[Hܛ\X[ۊKXZH[œ\[Y[^HYܙKX[ XY\˜]ۈH [H\X[H[BXYH[Y\܈^Z]\]و\ X[YH\[^\\\\K[\Z8$\H\H]ܛ\BZ[[[H]\ [\Z\XYBو\܈X[ˈ[HZYBو[\Z[\]\\]][H[[ٙ\H\BZ[[\\K KMۘ]B\ܝYHUTАR