World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 68

CULTURE Kazakh Yurt – symbolism and history The main occupation for Kazakhs was nomadic and seminomadic cattle-breeding. This defined a type of nomadic housing which Kazakh yurt has become. Origins of Kazakh yurt, shaping of its construction features have been lively discussed until now in specific literature. As per Veinstein’s opinion, ancient Turkic yourt which was invented in the middle of the first millenium AD and was related to portable 1 hour to assemble the yurt by one family The yurt floor is covered by camel felt – Shirdak – that scares away snakes and Scorpio 64 world monitor 2 hours construction – hemisphere Hunnic hovel – became the prototype for the modern Kazakh yurt. Anyways, this is obvious that nomadic yurt is a product of long development, the improvement of more primal (primitive) home types. This construction of an original architectural solution has complex semantic meaning and reflects cultural level of Turkic tribes, their complicated ideology. to disassemble the yurt 300-400 kilos total weight of the furnished yurt. It can be transported with one camel Doorstep is made high, lintel – is low. The first step is usually made with the right foot bending head. It symbolizes respect to the hosting home